What you need to know about McDonald’s Halloween Pails

McDonald’s has been serving burgers for over 65 years. In that time, many things have come and gone … and come back again. Earlier this week, a classic collectible made a triumphant return just in time for Halloween. On Tuesday, Oct. 18, the company brought back McDonald’s Halloween Pails.

What are McDonald’s Halloween Pails?

McDonald’s Halloween Pails are also known as Boo Buckets. When you purchase a Happy Meal, from now until Oct. 31, instead of a toy, your food will come in a Halloween Pail. 

These aren’t just any pails. McDonald’s has decided to go old school and offer the same iconic trio that it introduced back in 1986. You can get a white McBoo, an orange McPunk’n or a green McGoblin.

The only catch is both adults and children are snatching up these pails and McDonald’s has not guaranteed there will be any left by Halloween. In fact, McDonald’s emphasizes that this is a limited-time appearance and these pails will only be available while supplies last.

What can you do with a McDonald’s Halloween Pail?

A McDonald’s Halloween Pail is great for trick-or-treating. It’s a solid little bucket with a handle that makes it easy to collect and carry candy. It can also be placed on the table and used as a treat dish. However, grown-ups love the pails too because they can be hung up as Halloween decorations or serve as festive planters. Some musicians even flip them over and use them as drums. What you do with your Halloween Pail is only limited by your imagination.

Alternatives to McDonald’s Halloween Pails

If you don’t make it to McDonald’s in time, or you aren’t the biggest fan of McDonald’s food, don’t worry. There are many suitable alternatives you can get. Here are a few:

Triumpeek Halloween Candy Baskets

Triumpeek Halloween Candy Baskets

These plastic candy pails come in three designs: a smiling orange jack-o’-lantern, a cute purple monster face and a green zombie. Sold by Amazon

Best FuturePlusx Halloween Pumpkin Buckets

FuturePlusx Halloween Pumpkin Buckets

If you prefer pumpkins, this set of buckets includes two happy jack-o’-lanterns. The buckets are made using eco-friendly plastic that is non-toxic and odorless. Sold by Amazon

Best Felt Halloween Buckets for Kids

Aberlls Felt Halloween Buckets for Kids

With six designs, you’re sure to please everyone. These felt candy buckets are lightweight, colorful, conveniently sized and feature a sturdy build. Sold by Amazon

Best Halloween Pumpkin Light-Up Bucket

Sumind Halloween Pumpkin Light-Up Bucket 

This option is unique because it lights up, making it safer for use at night. It’s slightly deeper than other offerings, and it’s made with a soft felt material. Sold by Amazon

Best Reusable Halloween Teal Pumpkin Trick-or-Treat Totes

SCS Direct Reusable Halloween Teal Pumpkin Trick-or-Treat Totes

This 8-inch tote is large enough to hold all your candy. It’s made using attractive teal felt, so it stands out from other traditionally colored options. Sold by Amazon

Best Joyin Metal Halloween Pails

Joyin Metal Halloween Pails

If you prefer a sturdier option, these 12 decorative metal buckets will do the trick. Since these pails are smaller, they’re great for filling with treats to use as Halloween party favors. Sold by Amazon

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