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Which mohair cardigan is best?

Mohair has made a triumphant return to the fashion scene over the last few years and is seen from the runway to the rails of high-end clothing stores. Due to its versatility, mohair reigns over traditional fabrics such as wool and cashmere, with the mohair cardigan becoming a popular wardrobe staple in closets everywhere.

However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to give your wardrobe a luxury upgrade. If you’re looking for a well-made cardigan with a silk-like texture, soft composition and shiny appearance, check out the beautifully woven ANNE BING Maxwell Cardigan.

What to know before you buy a mohair cardigan


The most common cardigan neckline is the V-neck. Depending on how deep the V is, this style allows you to show off different clothing styles underneath, such as a nicely patterned dress shirt.

Layering with a V-neck keeps you warmer and you can wear it in lieu of a jacket in cooler weather, while allowing you to shed layers if you find yourself getting too warm. Round necklines are the second most-popular type and rest along the collarbone and shoulders.

Another popular choice is the rollneck, which features a wider opening but with a looser knit that you can roll down around the lower neck. While a shawl neckline creates a somewhat double-breasted look, it meets at the center of the chest where the cardigan’s buttons or zippers begin.


There are two main types of cardigan openings: zipper and button up. You can open half-zip closures just enough to let a collared shirt peek out underneath, while a full-zip closure is more functional and practical. You can wear both as either the main top layer or under a winter coat.

A half-button cardigan tends to look dressier when worn, since people usually pair it with a collared shirt underneath, creating a layered look that is a nice mix between fancy and casual. However, this kind of closure style can become bulky due to the layering, so some wearers prefer to leave their cardigan unbuttoned.

A completely buttoned-down cardigan is considered to be the most classic way to style one and looks more relaxed when compared to other closure styles. You can wear this look as a top layer by itself or as a substitute for a dress shirt underneath a nice jacket.


A long cardigan is designed with a loose fit yet is long in length and falls to mid-thigh or to your ankles. A shawl cardigan features a thick stole collar you can turn in around your neck and inner shoulders, with the button-up cardigan being the most popular style.

What to look for in a quality mohair cardigan


The design and color of the garment should reflect your personal style the most and should feature a neutral color, such as black, gray, navy blue, white or green.

Foundational colors help you get off to a good start before you start to experiment with more vibrant shades. When choosing the right cardigan color for you, remember that solids usually are the better pick compared to busier prints, since they provide the most versatility to your wardrobe. Also, keep in mind which colors go well with your hair color and skin undertones.

Fabric blend

Although you won’t have any trouble finding 100% mohair cardigans, several designers use a blend of different wool grades, cashmere and other luxury textiles to yield a softer version of the material. Wool is most commonly used due to the fabric’s tendency to provide more warmth than other materials and its ability to retain heat. Cashmere is good at keeping you warm, but it is not as good as standard wool varieties.


The size of your mohair cardigan determines just how well the garment looks on you. When on the hunt for cardigans, it’s important to have accurate measurements for your chest size, dress length and sleeve length, respectively.

The right chest size will not restrict movement in any way while still providing a tight fit; your sweater length is determined by measuring the back of your collar to your waist. Your specific sleeve length is from your shoulder to your wrist bone, or the top of your shoulder to the center of your wrist.

How much you can expect to spend on a mohair cardigan

Based on the brand name you choose, a mohair cardigan can cost anywhere from $100-$2,000. Although, if you’re on the hunt for less pricey options, there are ones available in the $50-$200 range if you take a look at resale shops and thrift stores that specialize in reselling outerwear.

Mohair cardigan FAQ

Are mohair cardigans made with 100% mohair?

A. Since mohair isn’t as soft as similar lush textiles such as cashmere or as lightweight as wool, it often is blended with one or the other, and sometimes even both.

As for mohair yarn, it is usually blended with silk yarn, wool yarn and merino wool so more tensile strength can be added to a knitted garment overall. Alpaca and merino help add more luster to mohair’s fibers as well.

Do you only wear mohair cardigans during the wintertime?

A. The material not only helps keep you warm in cooler weather, it also provides a good amount of insulation due to its density, hair-like texture and moisture-wicking properties.

What makes a mohair cardigan different from other cardigan fabrics?

A. Mohair is extremely lustrous and shiny with similar qualities to silk, but does not felt easily due to its cuticle cells being interlocked within the fabric itself that won’t pill with extended use.

The material’s unique fiber can hold dye deposits extremely well so it is a great fabric to use for at-home dye experiments. It doesn’t wrinkle or irritate sensitive skin, all while having a nice luster and shine.

How do you care for mohair?

A. All mohair items should be hand-washed and air-dried due to the material’s delicate fiber structure. Never put garments made with the material in the washing machine or dryer, since the fibers will fray and become damaged, like normal hair.

Knitted mohair garments should be stored away on a shelf or folded rather than hung on a hanger. If your cardigan needs fluffing, lightly shake it or gently hand-brush the hairs.

What’s the best mohair cardigan to buy?

Top mohair cardigan

ANNE BING Maxwell Cardigan

ANNE BING Maxwell Cardigan

What you need to know:  Due to the garment being made by a well-known fashion house, it is more expensive than other featured cardigan pieces.

What you’ll love: It features beautiful front gold buttons and a medium V-neck closure. The banded hem creates a subtle asymmetrical silhouette on the wearer.

What you should consider: Due to the garment’s delicate nature, the cardigan is dry-clean only.

Where to buy: Sold by Revolve

Top mohair cardigan for the money

ClewStore Mohair Cardigan Shrug

ClewStore Mohair Cardigan Shrug

What you need to know:  The designer offers a variety of sizes and over 12 colors.

What you’ll love: Use this cardigan as a light coverup during the spring or as a nice jacket layer on a cold winter day.

What you should consider: Although you can wash this cardigan on a delicate cycle, it can’t be ironed, bleached or thrown into the clothes dryer.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

MohairSweaterShop Mohair Pink Wool Long Cardigan

MohairSweaterShop Mohair Pink Wool Long Cardigan

What you need to know:  This cardigan is 100% handwoven and can be customized in over 20 different colors and patterns.

What you’ll love: The perfect mohair cardigan addition to your closet, it is great for everyday casual use. The classic open-front longline style makes the cardigan flatter any body type and shape.

What you should consider: This item is only made with 25% mohair and contains other fabrics, including 25% premium quality yarn and 50% acrylic yarn.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

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