Which EcoXGear Bluetooth speaker is best?

EcoXGear has been making high-quality yet reasonably priced audio equipment since 2006. In the last few years, it has risen to prominence as a premium, USA-based producer of portable Bluetooth speakers. In particular, EcoXGear is known for its high-volume speakers that are water-resistant or waterproof. Some of its offerings can even float, which makes them perfect for a day at the pool, beach or lake.

The best EcoXGear Bluetooth speaker for most people is the EcoXGear EcoBoulder Max due to its high volume, consistent sound quality and above-average portability for the size.

What to know before you buy an EcoXGear Bluetooth speaker

They’re especially rugged

EcoXGear explicitly designs its Bluetooth speakers to withstand the rigors of a fun party. All of their most popular models are resistant to water and many are entirely waterproof and able to float. Their most robust speakers are built with additional layers of shock protection including layers of durable silicone cushioning.

Some, such as the EcoXGear EcoJourney, even offer waterproof storage compartments. The EcoJourney has room for a decent amount of water-sensitive belongings, while the novel EcoXGear EcoExtreme 2 is basically a waterproof, floating phone case with an integrated Bluetooth speaker and microphone. These are especially nice for trips on the river in rafts or canoes.

They are not ideal for audiophiles

Granted, you probably won’t be too worried about lossless Bluetooth transmission or high-fidelity playback while hanging out with friends at the pool. Nonetheless, keep in mind that EcoXGear speakers aren’t exactly made for high-fidelity critical listening. That’s not to say they sound bad. In fact, they sound great at high volumes, all things considered.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t actually make clear what Bluetooth codecs they use. Research indicates that most EcoXGear speakers support the standard SBC codec and Apple’s AAC codec. While the AAC codec is hit or miss in terms of efficiency on Android devices, it actually delivers above-average sound quality, especially when compared with SBC. 

What to look for in a quality EcoXGear Bluetooth speaker

Peak volume

It’s hard to find exact figures for most speakers’ objective peak output, but EcoXGear makes clear the peak wattage for all of its models. Their outputs range from just 5 watts for the tiny EcoPebble Lite all the way to an impressive 500 watts for the high-end SoundExtreme Soundbar.

Ingress Protection Code

IP ratings indicate how resistant to dust and water an electronic device is. The first number represents dust resistance and the second water resistance. For example, an IP67 rating means a device is completely sealed from dust and can withstand immersion in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Many EcoXGear Bluetooth speakers boast that IP67 rating, which means as long as you don’t intentionally hold them underwater, they’re remarkably safe in a pool or lake. Pay attention to each individual model you consider, though, as some are rated to only IP66, which only guarantees resistance to powerful water jets and means the device might malfunction if it ever ends up fully underwater.

Battery life

Some manufacturers play fast and loose with battery life claims, offering buyers the longest possible time frames without specifying volume. EcoXGear, on the other hand, is considerably more upfront. For example, it openly states the EcoBoulder Max runs for 50 hours at average listening volumes but only 10 hours at maximum volume. While the company doesn’t exactly specify what it means by average listening volume, it’s a testament to its honesty that it even makes such a distinction.

EcoXGear also clearly states how long each speaker takes to recharge, and that length of time is always less than the battery life at maximum volume. In practice, that means you could leave any EcoXGear speaker plugged in and play it as loud as you want indefinitely.

How much you can expect to spend on an EcoXGear Bluetooth speaker

The cheapest EcoXGear speakers run roughly $35, while the most premium options cost as much as $500.

EcoXGear Bluetooth speaker FAQ

Can you use the storage-equipped EcoXGear speakers as coolers?

A. No. While some models do offer waterproof, floating storage, filling them with ice and/or cold beverages would make them sink and run the risk of introducing condensation to the components.

Do EcoXGear speakers produce stereo or mono sound?

A. Each individual EcoXGear speaker produces monaural sound. If you invest in more than one, you can connect them wirelessly and configure them for stereo output.

What’s the best EcoXGear Bluetooth speaker to buy?

Top EcoXGear Bluetooth speaker

EcoXGear EcoBoulder Max

EcoXGear EcoBoulder Max

What you need to know: Plenty of volume coupled with advanced connectivity and waterproofing make this one of the most interesting party speakers.

What you’ll love: It’s large and in charge, able to get surprisingly loud while operating on a decently large battery. It combines an 8-inch full-range woofer and a 3-inch tweeter along with a variety of connections, including Bluetooth 5.0. Not only is the EcoBoulder Max rugged, loud and dependable, it’s even waterproof and engineered to float.

What you should consider: It is pretty bulky, and it’s not what you’d call cheap.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top EcoXGear Bluetooth speaker for the money

EcoXGear EcoEdge Plus

EcoXGear EcoEdge Plus

What you need to know: One of EcoXGear’s smallest offerings, the EcoEdge Plus works especially well when you use more than one at a time.

What you’ll love: The company’s EcoConnect function allows you to pair multiple EcoXGear speakers for wireless stereo playback, making the EcoEdge Plus ideal for traveling to sunny, sandy destinations and partying with friends and family. In addition to the ability to float, it has a built-in bottle opener and color-changing LED accent.

What you should consider: It isn’t incredibly loud and doesn’t offer much in the way of thumping bass.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

EcoXGear SoundExtreme

EcoXGear SoundExtreme

What you need to know: It’s a rugged sound bar intended for outdoor use on the dunes or even on the water.

What you’ll love: Unlike most others, the SoundExtreme is designed for mounting to a boat, ATV or another outdoor recreational vehicle. Its IP66 rating means it can withstand dust and water, which makes it perfect for high-intensity outdoor activities. We’ve highlighted the version with an internal, rechargeable battery, but if you want to save money, you can opt for the one with no battery. With up to 500 watts of output, it’s EcoXGear’s most powerful speaker.

What you should consider: While it’s loud and durable, it’s also considerably expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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