HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) — When you think of front line workers and the sacrifices they’ve made during the pandemic, you cannot leave out teachers.

They play a daily role in helping our kids through the challenges of COVID-19, and one teacher in Huber Heights really stands out for her efforts with special needs students.

2 NEWS Today anchor Lauren Wood spoke with intervention specialist Melissa Iser about what she’s done to help her kids through the last two years.

“It has been a test of endurance,” Melissa Iser told Lauren. “It has been a test of resiliency and flexibility.”

A test that Melissa has passed with flying colors. 

Steve Jensen nominated Melissa Iser for our Remarkable Women award because of the way she’s gone above and beyond to make sure her students have everything they need during the pandemic. From masks and hand sanitizer, to home visits, to simply being there to love and encourage them, Iser has done it all.

“She truly just gets it,” Jenson said. “She takes those extra steps that most are either too tired or too exhausted or have lost the focus or just move past it, and have just kind of given in a little bit.”

Through all the challenges of the COVID pandemic, giving up was never an option for Iser. She said, it’s also not an option for her students and the challenges they face each day.

“For some of them, just getting dressed is hard,” Iser said. “For some of them, their communication system is different. They do sign language or they’re nonverbal entirely.”

So, just as she teaches them to keep going, Melissa and her kids have persevered.

“Every time I see one of those things on social media that says the kids are falling behind I think, ‘Oh no, no they’re not,'” Iser said. “They’re learning things. Different things.”

Melissa Iser proved to be a remarkable woman through the pandemic, with a heart for helping children through the biggest challenges of life.

“You do the best you can,” Melissa Iser said. “And hopefully you do that with a smile on your face and convince the kids that no matter what you’re going to be there and you’re gonna get through it together.”

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