KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) – Within the four walls of Brigid’s path is a woman known best for her drive and her heart.

“The most faith-driven, compassionate person I’ve ever met,” according to Bob Housemann. He’s the president of the board at Brigid’s path, and he’s gotten to know Jill Kingston pretty well.

“She doesn’t let things stand in her way. When she’s got an idea, she’s going to go full-tilt toward it.”

Jill got that idea when she and her husband became foster parents years ago. They welcomed drug-exposed newborns into their home, and she saw the struggles firsthand. She also recognized a greater need.

“I just felt a bigger calling to kind of fill in those gaps,” Kingston said.

That bigger calling made her the founder and executive director of Brigid’s Path in 2014.

When it opened in 2017, it became the first newborn recovery center in the state.

Each day a team of nurses cares for drug-addicted babies, while some of their mothers also receive training and education.

Then in 2020, the pandemic hit. “It has flipped us upside down,” Kingston said. It forced them to cancel important fundraising events.

Then the virus made it’s way inside the building, impacting day to day operations.

“You’d see Jill in here literally all shifts of the day, volunteering, rocking babies. In the night, in the evenings and during the day. You know, doing things that she needs to be doing as an executive director,” Housemann said.

That’s on top of being a mother to five kids at home. Jill said “It takes a community to come together.”

Recently, a close part of her community, one of her best friend’s, was diagnosed with cancer. Being there for her is yet another challenge Jill will joyfully take on.

“When I see someone who I think is remarkable, I just think of integrity. Kindness. People who really just want to help others, that just really stands out to me,” Kingston said.

Wanting to help others has shaped Jill’s own life mission.

“When she sees the opportunity to make an impact on others, she’s all in,” said Housemann.