TROY, Ohio (WDTN) — For over 30 years, a Troy woman has poured her heart and soul into serving those in need of a helping hand.

Now, Beverly Watkins is the one gracefully accepting the generosity from her friends and family as she battles an aggressive form of cancer.

She has a way of being able to see the solution to problems life can sometimes throw. For over 20 years, Watkins has served those who are blind or suffer from low vision be more independent and navigate every day tasks.

“They can’t read their mail, they can’t set the dial on their oven or microwave,” Watkins said.

She’s spent a majority of her life doing non-profit work, most recently working with clients at Enhanced Vision Systems.

“I honestly just consider myself just a typical woman making a living doing what she loves doing and helping others along the way,” Watkins said.

Jamie Jewett, who nominated Beverly, said she’s a natural leader.

“She’s bubbly, she’s bright, she’s the best supervisor I’ve ever had. She has a way of working with people that makes them feel comfortable no matter the situation,” Jewett said.

Watkins continues to do it all while battling an aggressive form of breast cancer, one that’s resistant to most treatments aside from large amounts chemotherapy and radiation. She got the news in July 2020.

“It’s weird because I’ve always played the strong role in my family, at work. It’s scary to know that I don’t have control over this and I don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring.”

Watkins said time with family has never been more important to her! As someone who’s always been a helper at heart, she said she’s grateful her family is there for her during a time of need. However, she still maintains that “can do attitude!”

“My husband will tell you and so will my friends, I try to keep up the pace and be really busy than being at home doing nothing. I’ll go insane. I’ll remodel my house which is what I did at the beginning of the cancer treatments.”

Watkins said her message remains focused on the importance of putting a smile on those who need help while also taking the time enjoy the view of each beautiful day.

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