DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Ohio joins 14 other states allowing abortion up to the point of fetal viability, enshrining reproductive rights into the state constitution.

57% of Ohio voters said yes to Issue 1, with nearly 3.8 million people voting on the issue according to unofficial election results.

“Ohioans can rest easy knowing that we will never again be denied timely medical care or be forced to leave our home for the care we need. Never. Never,” said Lauren Blauvelt, executive director of Planned Parenthood advocates of Ohio.

“This has been such a long time coming. This campaign came together last year because we lost access, because there was a dangerous abortion ban in Ohio,” said Blauvelt.

Dr. Marc Clauson, a professor of history and law at Cedarville University says amending a state constitution is a process that requires a lot of support, but it would take even more of an effort to undo those changes.

Unless another amendment is proposed, nothing can change Issue 1.

“They could require that this amendment be stricken completely and then replaced by a proposed amendment in the future,” said Clauson.

Clauson explained there’s no way that the legislature could change this amendment, since a constitutional amendment is a fundamental law, it governs all other laws.

However, experts like Clauson say it’s likely the amendment will be challenged in the future. Any changes to the amendment will be difficult and will still come down to the voters.

The amendment goes into effect in 30 days once certified by the office of the Secretary of State.