Ohio (WDTN) — Ohio Democratic candidate Tim Ryan criticized Republican candidate JD Vance on a comment from Trump at a Youngstown rally last month suggesting Vance was kissing up to the former-president in exchange for support.

“Ohio needs an ass-kicker, not an ass-kisser,” Ryan said.

“It’s so funny. We’re getting close to Halloween, and Tim Ryan has put on a costume, where he pretends to be a reasonable moderate,” Vance retaliated.

The two candidates vying for Ohio Sen. Rob Portman’s seat faced off in their first and only statewide debate Monday night.

You can watch the full debate in the video player below:

The first topic of the night was inflation and the economy. Vance has said that we are in a recession and blames it on Democratic spending. He was asked if money like the infrastructure bill that benefits Ohio roads is well spent. Moderators noted Ryan has voted yes on virtually all spending bills, asking if they are contributing to inflation.

In his 2016 book “Hillbilly Elegy,” Vance called the idea that U.S. jobs went to China one of “the lies we tell ourselves.” He has recently blamed America’s economic woes on the Chinese. Vance was asked what has changed. Ryan was asked if actions from President Biden have led to inflation issues.

Here are their responses:

The second topic of the night was abortion. Our latest Nexstar/Emerson College poll shows this is the number two issue for voters in Ohio.

Ryan was asked what limits, if any, should be placed on abortion. For Vance, the question was that the GOP has proposed a national 15-week ban and whether he would support it.

Here are their responses:

The topic shifted to foreign policy. The two candidates are posed the same question: If Vladimir Putin were to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, what should America’s response be?

Here is what they had to say:

Outgoing Senator Rob Portman is co-sponsoring the marriage equality act that would codify gay marriage. Would the candidates support that?

Here is what the candidates had to say:

The topic moves to immigration. Ryan has said a border wall is needed in some areas. When Trump proposed that, Ryan was against it. He is asked what changed.

Vice President Harris has called the southern border “secure.” Ryan is asked if she’s right. Vance is asked about funding for his non-profit for Ohioans struggling with opioid addiction.

Here are their responses:

In 2017, Vance said, “there are legitimate concerns that a lot of Black Americans have that they’re not treated fairly by some members of the police.” He is asked if he still believes this. Ryan is asked what can be done to fix the challenge of recruiting police officers.

Here are their responses:

Tuesday, Oct. 11 is the last day for Ohioans to register to vote in the Nov. 8 election. You can register online here.