WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) — A renewal levy is on the May ballot for Washington Township voters that could bring in over $2 million that would be funneled right back into the community’s roadways.

“There are no new taxes with this levy, this just continues to let us provide the top quality services to Washington Township residents every day,” said Washington Township Administrator Jesse Lightle.

The 1.85 mill road and bridge levy is up for renewal, it’s the same as the current levy that’s set to expire at the end of this year. City officials advocate that this is the most cost-effective way for the township to operate and maintain roadways rather than waiting for them to deteriorate.

Lightle says over the 15 years she’s been employed, the road and bridge levy hasn’t failed once.

“We use these funds for road improvements, ice and snow removal, resurfacing projects and road maintenance projects,” Lightle said.

The city says an owner of a house valued at $200,000 would pay roughly $91 in the first year and the same as they did in 2022. After that, the amount paid will not rise over the next five years and could decline slightly.

“It’s a report card basically, so this makes sure the residents are still happy with the services we provide and we always receive positive feedback from the voters,” said Lightle.

This specific levy funds 40% of the Public Works budget.