DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A local agency hosted an event on Thursday around Issue 2.

The Mental Health Recovery Board of Clark, Greene, and Madison counties voted on Tuesday to officially oppose Issue 2. The ballot issue would legalize recreational marijuana for adults if passed. 

Understanding Issue 2 was held to further explain their views. Organizers said they wanted to raise awareness about marijuana and what it can look like when someone abuses marijuana. 

Attendees say that the belief that marijuana isn’t as harmful as other drugs is misleading.

“Marijuana is an addictive substance just like anything else. Whether it’s medicinal or anything or recreational. It’s a mood-altering substance, and it can be addictive,” said Rachel Huffman, director of treatment and prevention at Mental Health Recovery Board of Clark, Greene, and Madison counties.

Speakers expressed concern about the dangers of addiction. Topics discussed included if marijuana were to fall into the hands of young children and individuals getting behind the wheel while impaired.

2 NEWS also spoke with Tom Haren, a spokesperson for Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. 

“We think Ohioans understand that a regulated market like Issue 2 will generate hundreds of millions of dollars of new tax revenue that will be directly invested back into our local communities,” Haren said.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7.