JAMESTOWN, Ohio (WDTN) – A village in Greene County is asking voters to approve an additional levy that would increase funding for street improvements and maintenance.

The Village of Jamestown already has a streets levy, however Mayor Joshua Bradley said it’s not enough to keep up with the projects that need to be done, so the village is looking to replace it with a new one.

“We’ve completed three large projects over the last five years, but it took five years to be able to accumulate the funds necessary to even do those,” Bradley said.

One of those completed projects was repaving the village’s section of Old Route 35. The project came in with a price tag of around $130,000, which is more than half of the village’s yearly streets budget.

“This additional levy will help us be able to maintain the roads that we currently have, it will also allow us to take care of things that have never been done,” Bradley said.

The current streets levy generates $50,000 each year. The new 2.3 mill levy would generate $75,000 each year. Bradley said the additional money would go to repairing alleyways and side streets, redoing curbs and storm drains, and paving roads that have never been paved.

“Not only to take care of all of the alleys in in 2022, but be able to properly maintain them and the rest of the roads moving forward,” Bradley said.

The levy is estimated to have a tax increase of $80.50 annually per $100,000 property value for the next five years. While it will create a tax increase, Bradley said it’s necessary to maintain the town.

“The town itself isn’t big, but our community is big,” Bradley said. “We have a lot of farmers and we have a lot of industrial equipment that comes through our town, and that does take a toll on our roadways.”

The Village has two other issues on the ballot, an additional levy that would provide funding to the fire department, and a renewal levy that funds the police department.