TROY, Ohio (WDTN) — Election Day is officially one week away and voters in Troy are being asked to decide on a designated outdoor refreshment area.

The DORA was approved by Troy City Council, but people living in the city filed a petition to force a citywide vote.

“Do we really need to show our drinking to the world? It’s just a bad situation. Can’t people buy alcohol and keep it indoors?” asked Dave Pinkerton, co-chair of the anti-DORA group.

If the majority votes yes, people in Troy will soon be able to buy alcohol at their favorite bar or restaurant and enjoy it outside in the designated area. The DORA covers about 20 acres including the Public Square and parts of downtown. It will operate Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from noon to 10 p.m.

Robin McGrath, the owner of Submarine House Bar and Grill, said, “Downtown Troy is a designation. We have many local shops and many restaurants to eat at. This is a perfect spot for a DORA program. It allows people to walk and enjoy. They can sit and enjoy the concerts and festivals.”

“There are dozens of kids that come through a bridge here that will be mixed in with those drinking, alcoholic people, including my two granddaughters. They will be walking around we have a recreation center here and they will be in and out of that. It’s just a bad situation for teenagers,” Pinkerton said.

City officials said they’ve studied DORA programs in surrounding areas. “A lot of them have events downtown and we do as well. They felt it was a larger turnout at their events and that’s what we’re hoping for,” said Tim Davis, the development director for the City of Troy.

They said the program will boost the economy. “The more patrons downtown the more shopping they do for our businesses so we’re certainly looking for that to be a great positive spin for our downtown,” said Davis.