TROY, Ohio (WDTN) — Residents will be deciding on an issue on the November ballot regarding upgrades to Troy City Schools.

On the November 7 ballot, a bond issue will be on the ballot to update and build new education buildings.

Cost to Taxpayers

If passed, the total project costs is said to be $154,026,690. Troy City Schools says the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission would then distribute $45,665,637 to the district for the project.

Homeowners in the Troy City School District will be paying $20.30 per $100,000 market value house in monthly costs, according to Troy Schools.

Construction of New Schools

Some of the schools in the district were constructed more than a century ago, including one dating back to 1914. Four buildings will replace the following seven educational buildings currently in use if the issue passes.

  • Concord Elementary School
  • Cookson Elementary School
  • Forest Elementary School
  • Heywood Elementary School
  • Hook Elementary School
  • Kyle Elementary School
  • Van Cleve Sixth Grade Building

Three new Pre-K to fourth grade buildings will be built as well.

Troy High School Upgrades

Major upgrades are planned for Troy High School if the bond issue is passed. Some of the upgrades include new HVAC systems, energy-efficient lighting and ceiling tiles.

“Asbestos abatement would also be a part of the project at the high school,” according to the district.

Estimated Timeline of Events

During the Spring in 2024, the project agreement would be approved. The design process for all buildings is anticipated by Troy City Schools to take place from spring 2024 to summer 2025.

While construction is estimated to take place from summer 2025 to 2027, the actual move-in will not happen until summer 2027.

In 2027, during the fall, schools would be abated and demolished.

“Van Cleve, Kyle, Concord and Heywood would be abated, demolished and turned into green space,” the district says. “Forest Elementary School, which has had the most work done to it recently, would be maintained and re-purposed for further use by the district.”

Hook and Cookson schools are expected to be torn down following the completion of the other buildings on the property.