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CLEVELAND (WJW) — In a race that’s too close to call, Ohio Senate candidates Tim Ryan (D) and J.D. Vance (R) met on a FOX 8 stage Monday night for the first and only match-up seen statewide.

Each man is trying to stand out to the undecided voters.

Polls show an increasingly narrow race with Ryan closing in on Vance’s slight lead, but, 13% of registered voters remain undecided. So this is anybody’s race.

The Senate race has received a lot of attention because it’s seen as an opportunity to flip from ‘red’ to ‘blue.’

During the hour-long session, the two challenged each other on abortion rights, same-sex marriage, the pharmaceutical industry, and immigration.

While the debate was mostly civil, at times it did grow heated.

Each tried to position himself as the candidate of the working class and accused the other of being elite and out of touch.

After the debate came to an end, two local professors joined FOX 8 News to assess the candidates’ performances.

Kent State University political science professor Michael Ensley and professor Justin Buchler, of Case Western Reserve University, described a few moments as “strange.”

“Every time JD Vance would try to turn something back into the border wall, like with the 10-year-old girl who was raped and JD Vance tried to turn that back into the border wall…well if the border wall had been there, it was a strange moment,” said Ensley.

“Even when they were asked about Ukraine and Taiwan, they pivoted to economic issues,” said Buchler.

Both professors agree the debate is unlikely to change voters’ minds.

The November election is less than one month away.