DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Ahead of the November 2 elections, many board of elections directors are pleading with people to consider becoming poll workers to help out.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose says that after a push last week to encourage more people to be poll workers across the state, more people are wanting to help. “This week we’re up to only 10,000 short so we’re closing that gap,” said LaRose.

While only 2% of people have made the decision to vote early in Miami County, Board of Election Director Laura Bruns says there’s still many openings for poll workers to help.

“If there are voters out there in Miami County who would like to serve as poll workers on Election Day, I know we’re contacting some today to see if we can fill in the spaces, but we do have some places yet for people if they’d like to work,” said Bruns.

In Montgomery County, a need for poll workers is also there. Board of Elections Director Jeff Rezabek says the pandemic is to blame for some of the hesitancy in people that would normally help out. “People are still remaining cautious. Here in Montgomery County we’re still requiring the poll workers to wear their masks during the day. That’s to keep them healthy as well as the voters that are coming in,” said Rezabek.

LaRose says hopefully people realize that in order to run a successful election, poll workers are essential. “People need to get that little reminder that there’s an important election being held this November that will determine the future of your school district, your community, all of those things really do make a difference,” said LaRose.

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