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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – With just more than two weeks before Election Day, voters are saying this year’s midterm elections are more important than ever.

In a new poll by NBC News’ Meet The Press, voter interest has reached an all-time high for a midterm election, with 57 percent of registered voters saying this midterm cycle is more important than past ones, up from 44 percent in 2010.

The same poll shows less than half of registered voters approve of President Joe Biden’s overall job performance.

In Ohio and nationwide, the Senate race between Democrat Tim Ryan and Republican JD Vance continues to be a point of interest. Nearly 60 percent of voters in the poll said this November’s Congressional elections are more important to them than in past midterm elections, higher than a poll showed for 2018.

As for Democratic or Republican control of Congress? The results are nearly split, with 47% calling for Democratic control and 46% calling for Republican control.

Right now, less than 10% of registered voters said they’ve already voted in the midterms, 40% said they plan to vote early either by mail or in person, and 47% said they will vote at the polls on election day.