After a month of early voting, the main event of Ohio’s special election happens Tuesday when polls open at 6:30 a.m.

There will be only one item on the ballot: Issue 1. If passed, it will make it harder to amend the state’s constitution.

Election officials say if early voting is any indication, there should be a good turnout not only in Montgomery County but across the Miami Valley.

There a few things to keep in mind as you head to the polls tomorrow.

  • Make sure you bring a driver’s license, passport or valid voter ID to present to poll workers.
  • The poll workers will then get voters set up with a card to place in the machine to record the items checked off on the screen.
  • If you still have your absentee ballot, either get it postmarked and in the mail today or drop it off at your Board of Elections tomorrow.

Montgomery County Board of Elections director Jeff Rezabek says they’re standing by to help anyone has voting questions.

“We have a whole staff ready to answer any questions,” said Rezabek. “If you have any concerns, just reach out to us and we’ll get the answer for you.”

Montgomery County has the poll workers they need to handle 13 hours of in-person voting.

“Thank you for taking that volunteer status and defending democracy”, said Rezabek.

While the county doesn’t need any more poll workers for this election, they could use some more for the November general election.

About half a million Ohioans have already voted early. Montgomery County officials say they had great turnout for early voting, including 1,100 voters on the final day.

They say they’ll be watching closely to monitor if that trend continues on Election Day. Rezabek said they’re expecting a good turnout based on early voting trends.

“I think we can get up to 20%, maybe 30%, depending on how active people are tomorrow,” Rezabek said. “We know we’re going to have a great day.

“As I always say: Here in Montgomery County on Election Day, it’s always sunny.”