DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — On the eve of Ohioans going to the polls to determine whether reproductive rights will be enshrined in the state constitution, NBC News political correspondent Steve Kornacki spoke with 2 NEWS’ John Seibel about the implications of Issue 1.

Citing earlier failures of Kansas and Kentucky to change their constitutions to permanently ban abortion, Kornacki said there has been a recent history of even historically conservative states rejecting total bans.

“We have yet to see, since the Supreme Court decision more than a year ago, we’ve yet to see an initiative advanced by the pro-choice side that has failed,” said Kornacki. “And we’ve yet to see an initiative advanced by the pro-life side in the state pass.”

Kornacki cited the most recent polling that showed Yes leading No on Issue 1, 57-35.

“If this one were to fail in Ohio, it would be a surprise based on the polling,” he said.

One factor that may help the amendment to pass in the red Ohio, Kornacki believes, is that the measure, similar to one recently adopted in Michigan, also establishes a limit to the right of abortion to fetal viability. Other measures adopted in liberal Vermont and California didn’t have a limit.