DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The election laws in Ohio are changing and someone you know could be impacted when they show up to the polls in a matter of days.

Ohio is changing its election laws, making it the strictest state in the country for voters when it comes to rules people have to follow.

In years past, residents with disabilities who did not have a driver’s license or state issued ID could vote using bank statements and other government issued documents. When people go to the polls for this upcoming election and all future times to make their voice heard, bank statements and government documents will no longer be accepted.

Disability Rights Ohio is focused on making sure Ohioans with disabilities know these new changes so they can cast their votes with no problem. Kerstin Sjoberg is the Executive Director at Disability Rights Ohio. She says people with disabilities need to be aware and plan ahead to take steps to make sure they will be allowed to vote.

“Planning for your vote is very, very important. So, finding out what type of id I will need. Do I have the right type of ID? That’s really important. We’ve tried to push information out about the new ID requirements to help people with planning their vote,” Sjoberg said.

Ohio is also changing the process for absentee ballot voting that Ohio residents with disabilities should note.

“They’ve made changes to the deadlines for voting absentee you now have to request the absentee ballot seven days before the election not the Saturday before the election that’s a very big change.”

The organization says the goal is for Ohioans to be able to vote no matter what.

“Every Ohioan that’s of age and registered to vote should vote, right, and should be able to vote.”

If you are an Ohioan living with a disability and planning to vote visit ahead of the election.