MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – The proposed renewal of the Health and Human or Social Services Levy on the November 2 ballot in Montgomery County could help generate nearly $73 million dollars for services in the area.

The proposed levy renewal is listed as Issue 1 on the ballot. The 8.21 mills levy is worth .821 cents per 100 dollars and wouldn’t raise taxes.

“It supports all of our mandated agencies: public health, children services, ADAMHS, as well as our ability to provide our developmental services,” said executive director of Montgomery County’s Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services, Helen Jones-Kelley. “It’s the mandated services along with discretion services that promotes a system of care that’s pretty seamless within our community, and allowed us to get through this pandemic.”

Jones-Kelley said she fears that damage to progress made could happen if the levy isn’t renewed.

“Our system is very lean in terms of how it operates financially. There would be in all likelihood some services that would need to be deprioritized or would be cut,” said Jones-Kelley.

However, Jones-Kelley said the hope is that voters choose to renew the levy because she feels it helps everyone in the community.

“The systems of care provide services for everyone in the community…especially through our public health system,” said Jones-Kelley.