DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – After 75 more cases of possible voter fraud uncovered in Ohio from the 2020 election, Miami Valley elections officials are working to make sure this year’s election is secure.

Montgomery County polling location supervisor Paul Lehner said volunteering to be a poll worker gives people a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into Ohio’s election security.

“When you actually see how the election works and you understand, you understand the safeguards that are in place that prevent fraud and meddling and tampering with the election,” Lehner said.

For elections officials, election security is a year-round job.

“Some people think we only work on election day,” Greene County Board of Elections Director Alisha Lampert said.

That work is going on right now, the Greene County Board of Elections is in the process of testing every voting machine.

“Every single ballot that will go through that machine is actually tested on the machines to make sure it’s working correctly,” Lampert said.

In Montgomery County, their motto is “S.A.F.E” elections.

“It means secure, accurate, fair and efficient,” Montgomery County Board of Elections Deputy Director Sarah Greathouse said.

Boards of elections follow the same directives and rules that every county in Ohio has to follow.

“We keep everything sealed,” Greathouse said. “We have seal recording charts. We have chain of custody logs. We have so many different pieces of documentation and processes to make sure that every ballot is always in bipartisan custody, that every piece of equipment never touches the Internet.”

Lehner said he has met into people who signed up to become a poll worker because they doubt Ohio’s election security, but walked away with a different view.

“They come in as ‘I’m here, to find what’s wrong and prove that one party is hurting the other, or doing something to manipulate the results of this,'” Lehner said. “At the end, every single one of them says, ‘I don’t see how that’s possible.'”

Boards of elections in the Miami Valley are still recruiting poll workers for November 8th.

For more information about how to volunteer, click here.