DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Dayton Unit of the NAACP is hosting a virtual town hall to give community members the chance to meet some of the candidates in an upcoming election.

According to a release by the NAACP, this video conference will be held via Zoom, and include several candidates in opposition for the office of Judge for the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court. Tom Roberts, The moderator will be Tom Roberts, 2nd Vice President and Chair of the Dayton Unit NAACP Political Action Committee, will moderate the event.

“This will be an excellent opportunity to hear first-hand from the candidates that are running for office, said Roberts. Every election is critically important. The candidates elected this November will make decisions at the local level that will affect our lives on a daily basis, said Roberts.”

 Earlier this week, Roberts and Dayton NAACP president Dr. Derrick Foward met to encourage the community to use their right to vote this year, even offering rides to the polls for those who may not be able to get there.

“If you don’t vote, the laws that are on the books become your own worst enemy,” Foward said. “It becomes your fault that you did not exercise your own right to vote. Don’t worry about what happened in the last election or the election before that. Continue to vote!”

The Dayton NAACP explains that it is a nonpartisan, issues-based organization and does not endorse candidates. However, Foward did say the NAACP is not against stating when a candidate fails to support said issues.

“We look forward to hearing about these judicial candidates voting records and/or opinions on voting rights, criminal justice, healthcare, education, economic sustainability, and youth and young adult engagement,” said Foward. “We need judges that will apply the law as written, be fair but firm when sentencing, and will demonstrate and embrace equality and justice while serving on the bench.”

To join the event click here or watch it live on the Dayton NAACP Facebook page.