CEDARVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) — Cedarville University hosted a community forum on Tuesday focused on Issue One, which will be on the upcoming November ballot.

If Issue One is passed, it would amend Ohio’s constitution to guarantee the right to make reproductive decisions. The issue includes an individual’s right to get an abortion and other forms of reproductive health care.

Inside Steven’s Student Center at Cedarville University, two political experts shared with the public just how important Issue One will be when it comes to abortion rights. 

Cedarville University’s Director of Political Studies, Dr. Mark Caleb Smith and Aaron Baer, president of the Center for Christian Virtue, walked the audience through what the ballot issue covers, how it got on the ballot and their personal beliefs.

The event was not a debate, but rather a forum moderated by 2 NEWS Anchor Brooke Moore.  

Dr. Smith and Baer focused on the ballot language, saying it is not clear enough when it comes to rights and consent.

Additionally, the two discussed contraceptive medications and other reproductive health care. They say Ohio would have one of the more progressive abortion laws in the country if Issue One passes, which could change the state’s perspective on abortion.

“If Issue One passes in November, Ohio’s approach to abortion would be at least as protective of abortion, if not more so, than the federal standards that existed during the era of Roe v. Wade,” said Smith.

“Oh guys, we cannot accept the fundamental promise of the abortion industry that abortion helps women,” Baer said. “It does not. Taking the life of an unborn child helps nobody, least of which is childbirth, especially not the mother.”

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7 in Ohio.