8:57PM UPDATE: At 8:54 p.m., The Associated Press called the special election regarding Issue 1 in favor of “No,” meaning that amending the constitution of the state of Ohio still requires only a simple majority, not 60%

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Thousands of voters across the state of Ohio have been flocking to the polls Tuesday, casting their ballots on Issue 1.

This comes after weeks of early voting and heavy campaigning from both sides of the issue.

According to the Montgomery County Board of Elections, there was a large turnout for early voting, and so far, those numbers have stayed strong on Election Day. Voters say that the issue at stake is driving these numbers.

Wright State University student Courtney Guy says that this election appeals to all age ranges.

“As long, as you know, everyone keeps getting together and keep spreading the word about how voting is important,” Guy said. “I feel like that’s bringing a lot of people in, especially our younger people.”

Both the younger and older generations out in high numbers to cast their votes, which is something 88-year-old Christine Grant says she’s been doing for decades.

“The people in Montgomery County, everyone has to go and vote,” Grant said. “If we don’t go out and vote because it’s nothing to complain about anything if we don’t go out and try to help ourselves.”

There has been some pushback on this statewide special election, especially after lawmakers changed their own previous ruling to prohibit August special elections, but that hasn’t stopped people from coming out to vote in large numbers.

“It’s important issue,” Jeff Rezabek, Montgomery County Board of Elections Director, said. “Whatever side they’re on, they’re coming out, and those naysayers that said it would be a waste of money wasted time and energy. The voters are proving them wrong once again.”

All of the polling locations opened on time with no major problems reported.

You can keep track of the special election results here.