DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Huber Heights residents saw two levies on the ballot Tuesday.

One is an emergency school levy. There is also a renewal levy for emergency services for the city. Officials said this money will fund important services for the city and district, and if they fail, cuts could be coming.

The 0.25 percent temporary earned income tax levy has been part of two levy’s generating almost 2 million dollars a year to help the city fund EMS, fire and police.

Since passage in 2015, the city credits a decrease in crime thanks to the levy generating funds that allow the city to maintain staffing levels in the police department. It is only a renewal, and if passed, the city will maintain current EMS services.

According to the city, the average person making about fifty thousand dollars a year would pay 10 dollars and 42 cents per month if passed.

On the education side, the Huber Heights schools district has an eight-point-one-two mill levy on the ballot. It would generate 6.9 million dollars for the district’s operating fund.

The district has already approved one point seven million in cost saving measures to avoid putting the burden all on the community. Officials say they are trying to balance the general fund after being in deficit for several years.

Superintendent Jason Enix says they have already been moving around funds to help their bottom line.

“Reallocate the salaries and benefits of our personnel, which is having a positive impact on our line,” Enix said. “We are doing our part to utilize the funds that we do have in the best way possible, making reductions where we can. Then, of course, also asking for additional funding from our community. If that happens, we’ll be the first time in 18 years.”