CLEVELAND (WJW) It’s a race to the finish line for both Democratic candidate Tim Ryan and Republican candidate JD Vance. 

“Let’s go get this done! We have two more days, knock on those doors, let’s go and shock the world,” Ryan told voters in Medina. 

“Get out there and vote. Get everybody to vote, pound the pavement, get every person you know. Knock on every door you can,” Vance told voters in Akron. 

The winner will represent Ohio as a U.S. Senator and both spent their Sunday before election day making a final push in Northeast Ohio. 

“Our message is very simple. We think that Biden and Tim Ryan have had a chance to govern this country,” said Vance. “It hasn’t worked out well. Inflation is a crisis, the border is a crisis, fentanyl is a crisis. We need new leadership to take this country in a different direction.” 

“We can’t have an extremist,” shared Ryan. “There is an exhausted majority of the country Democrats, Republicans and independents that are just exhausted. That’s who I am running for, against the extremist. We don’t want six more years of anger, fear, and division. We want some love and togetherness.”

Ryan’s campaign made a stop in Medina for a meet-and-greet Sunday afternoon, then made their way to Cleveland to talk with voters Sunday night. 

“There is a lot of great energy here in Medina and up in Cleveland, there has been great early voter turnout. We are just grinding it out. Making sure our voters are getting to the polls and it’s looking really good,” said Ryan. 

While Vance’s campaign chose to speak with voters in Akron Sunday night. 

“A lot of people here, a lot of voters here but look, Akron represents America manufacturing to me. We should make things in our country and if we do it, communities like Akron will thrive,” said Vance. 

Recent polling from Emerson College shows this is a close race. 

As of Nov. 1, the poll showed that 51% are siding with Vance, 43% choosing Ryan and 4% are undecided. 

It’s a race to the finish that both candidates are embracing.