DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – In Montgomery County, Board of Elections Director Jeff Rezabek says he and his team are happy with the early voter turn out they’re seeing ahead of the November 2 elections.

“This week has really kicked up with the number of voters. We’re happy to hear about that and see that happening. Especially in the last two days, we’re having a couple rushes that we’ve had today. We’re excited about having those voters in,” said Rezabek.

In Miami County, Board of Elections Director Laura Bruns predicted the county would pass 2,000 voters this Friday, and says they’re also seeing record voter turnout. “We’ve had a really good turnout so far. We’ve actually surpassed numbers from 2017 and 2019,” said Bruns.

Miami County Board of Elections Chairman Dave Fisher says he thinks the high turnout is because people in the county care about what’s going on in their own backyard. “We’re seeing a lot of uptick in people wanting to get involved with local government which is wonderful it’s great,” said Fisher.

With Ohio early voting ending next Monday, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said he is proud of the multiple opportunities given to Ohioans for voting ahead of Election Day.

“We have some of the most expansive early voting hours of any state in the nation. That’s four weeks of early voting. This week before Election Day, the board of elections are staying open until 7 p.m.,” said LaRose.

LaRose also reiterated the importance of this election. “Some people call this an off year, we don’t use that term. These are really important contests that are going to determine the quality of life in your city. How well your children are educated.”

Early voter Morris Howard wants to make sure he votes before November 2 to ensure his voice is heard. “You never know what could happen on Election Day. Something could come up, I could have an emergency. So, the sooner the better,” said Howard.

Voting early before heading to work, Montgomery County resident Jill Conkel says she chose to vote early due to her busy work schedule next Tuesday.

“Very very simple. There was no line, I was the only one when I walked in. Got to vote. It’s the first time I used the new machines because I’ve been doing absentee for the last several elections,” said Conkel.

Conkel says she’s worked elections before and makes sure to vote every chance she gets, and wishes more people would take advantage of the opportunity. “There’s so many other countries. They riot they fight. They would love to have this opportunity to walk in and say my opinion matters. Whether I win or not, my opinion matters.”

Rezabek says poll workers are also needed still ahead of the election. “We are really close to having it completely filled on a sense of where we need to be but we always need extras.”

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