FAIRBORN, Ohio (WDTN) – Fairborn’s Police Chief Terry Bennington is pleading with people to vote yes to the renewal levies for both the local police and fire departments in this year’s November 2 elections.

The proposed 4.4 mills tax 5-year renewal levies for both departments are each worth .44 cents per $100.

“This will help maintain the current level of service for both the police and fire right now. It’s no new taxes it’s a renewal,” said Chief Bennington.

Chief Bennington says these levies are both heavily depended on by both the police and fire departments.

“Between both departments…equipment and personnel is really where most of the money goes,” said Bennington.

If the levies don’t pass, Chief Bennington fears that cuts would more than likely have to be made.

“We would unfortunately have to look at making changes to our operations to make sure we’re able to continue to function. Personnel would have to be looked at and also equipment…front line equipment,” said Chief Bennington.

However, Chief Bennington says he does have faith voters will recognize the importance of these levies in the November 2 elections.

“I think they expect excellence from both departments. Our plea would be that we continue with this levy. Pass this renewal so we could continue the service we provide.”