DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Early voting starts Tuesday for the November election.

To vote early, you can cast a ballot, in person, at your county board of election’s office on weekdays during regular business hours, except on Oct. 11, Columbus Day. You can also place your ballot in a drop box.

In Miami County, early voting will take place at the Old County Courthouse. In Montgomery County, you can cast your ballot in the county administration building. Both counties are now sending out absentee ballots.

While there are no state issues on the ballot there are several local issues.

“The hot issue in Tipp City is the school board election so we wanted to make sure we got our votes in for that,” said Dave Grim, a Miami County voter.

Another voter, Pat Quillen said, “For me, it’s our fire levy in our township it’s a renewal and we need that.”

Many voters said it’s especially important to vote in local elections.

“The closer you are to the government you have has more impact on you. You can call your township or city and get a pothole filled but you can’t call the Whitehouse and get that done,” said Steve and Pat Quillen.

“This and the odd years are the most important elections for them. This is the one that really hits them at home, it’s the candidates they can get close to as well as those pocketbook issues among the cities,” said Jeff Rezabek, the director for Montgomery County Board of Elections.