DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The November 2 elections are just days away, and for Ohioans concerned about voter safety, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose wants them to feel at ease.

“It’s easy to vote and hard to cheat in Ohio,” said LaRose. “If you want to you can vote at the board of elections. We’ve got weekend early voting coming up the weekend before the elections. Very few states around the nation offer weekend early voting. Ohio’s one of them. There’s only five states in the whole country that offer Sunday afternoon early voting we have that in Ohio…so these are all things that we’re proud of.”

LaRose also highlights the importance of why proper voting matters. “Elections are political…candidate a versus candidate b, but the administration of elections cant be politicized. The work of running elections can’t be politicized, and it’s been happening on both sides of the aisle.”

In Montgomery County, Board of Elections Director Jeff Rezabek says each and every piece of voting equipment has been tested to make sure there are no issues. Rezabek says if there are issues, they will handle it.

“If we do have a machine that’s not functioning correctly, we quarantine that machine and we make sure that we address those issues particularly with that machine, and that machine doesn’t go out in the field in this election,” said Rezabek.

Rezabeck also wants Ohioans voting to know they can count on the work poll workers and other Board of Elections staff do at local levels. “When we can show to the public all the security aspects we have that ensures that improves their ability to believe in the system…then they can trust those results,” said Rezabek.

Early voting is underway in Ohio. Click here to learn more about Ohio voting ahead of the Nov. 2 elections.