CORRECTION: A prior edition of this story listed the incorrect kind of tax for the levy. The Levy will be a property tax. This error has been corrected.

BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WDTN) – Inflation is causing a roadblock for the City of Beavercreek to keep up with street repairs, so the city is turning to its voters to help fund future repaving projects.

Each year the City of Beavercreek sets aside $2.3 million for road resurfacing. This year, the city had to cut back on the number of road resurfacing projects they could take on because of rising costs.

“In order to get back to that philosophy of continuing to improve those lane miles, we’re going to need additional revenue,” Beavercreek Mayor Bob Stone said. “Asphalt has just gone through the roof.”

The city is asking its voters to pass a 2.15 mills street levy for maintenance, upgrades and repairs to Beavercreek’s 577 miles of road lanes.

The levy would also allow the city to hire five more road department employees.

If passed, the measure would raise property taxes starting next year by $75.25 per $100,000 property value.

“We’ve been able to stretch the tax dollar as fast as we’ve been able to do so far, but we’re reaching the end, that stretch of that rubber band just won’t go any further,” Stone said.

2 NEWS spoke with several people against the levy who declined to comment on-camera, the majority said they do not want to see their property taxes go up.

However, some Beavercreek residents, like Mike Reed, said that’s the price you pay to take care of the community.

“I’ve lived in Beavercreek for 50 years, I like to see our roads kept up and I like to see the police supported,” Reed said. “I believe overall it’s a good plan.”

If this street levy does not pass, it will mean less resurfacing, less road work and delayed projects moving forward.

The City of Beavercreek is also asking voters to approve a property tax levy to support the police department.