DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — With early voting for next month’s general election starting next week, eight local county Boards of Election met Friday to discuss their preparations.

Local Board of Elections directors expect a large turnout this November, with two statewide ballot issues sparking huge interest:

In Ohio’s special election back in August, Ohioans rejected a ballot issue that would have raised the vote threshold for a constitutional amendment to 60%, instead of the current simple majority.

Election officials say they saw a large voter turnout in August with 3 million people casting ballots on the single issue.

For the November election, officials are gearing up for a similar turnout, and possibly even more.

“Because of the two state issues that are on the ballot, we anticipate that we’re going to have a very high turnout,” said Laura Bruns, director of Miami County Board of Elections. “So we will have that early vote center.”

“We’re seeing an uptick also in the absentee applications coming in and anticipate this to be a pretty heavy turnout,” said Stephanie Haight, director of Clermont County Board of Elections.

Next Tuesday (Oct. 10) is the deadline to register, with early and absentee ballot voting beginning the next day, Wednesday, Oct. 11.

If you have any questions in regards to voting you can contact your local board of elections or visit the board of elections website.