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Name: Melissa Ackison
City of Residence: Marysville
Party Affiliation: Republican
Office_Desired: U.S. Senate
Facebook: facebook.com/MelissaAckisonforSenate
Twitter: twitter.com/MelissaAckison

Why should you be elected 
Like many citizens throughout our state and country, I have lived through a multitude of failed Federal policy, driven down from politicians who have no working knowledge of the real world implications for our citizens.

Given the fact that I’ve worked successfully in both the private sector as well as owning and operating my own business, I’m intimately familiar with the disastrous outcomes of partisan policies from both sides of the isle and believe politicians are more concerned with cultivating their dynasties of power for themselves and their heirs with little to no regard for the American people.

Our current political climate on both sides of the isle is one that seeks to divide the masses while the highest-ranking officials in the House and Senate remain in power over the people. As evidenced throughout my life and as a private citizen, I have been advocating on a variety of failures at the state level as the hands of failed Federal policy continue to choke our full potential.

Ohio deserves REAL word solutions and fortunately, as a result of my candidacy, we stand a REAL chance to bring about REAL change for our people. I have working knowledge of the issues that plague the state and understand more intimately than any man running for the Senate, where we are deficient and where we can thrive together.

HEALTHCARE- As someone who lived the lifecycle of Obamacare, with a rare pre-existing disease and a child who requires on-going care for his condition, I can speak firsthand to what happens as a result of government intervention through intrusive Federal overreach.

I can walk you through the real world implications as someone who lives with one of the world’s rarest diseases and what life looked like Pre-ACA with Ohio having one of the nations richest insurance markets. I lived through the bankrupt co-ops that were funded by the taxpayer at 3.3 billion dollars, through the high price / high deductible insurance options offered through the marketplace that failed my family, clear through the very end, when we were sitting in a ODJFS welfare office as we were corralled into Medicaid via the ACA parameters. The Affordable Health Care Act had nothing to do with affordable healthcare, anymore than Planned Parenthood has to do with planning for parenthood.

If the true intent was to protect free enterprise and free market design while best caring for the patient, the approach would have been patient centered regulations coupled with minor (I MEAN MINOR) components of the ACA’s preexisting clause. Why did the resolve from the democrats come in the form of a policy so hefty, the masses couldn’t comprehend the scam, along with a bias media narrative that painted untruths about the ACA and the end result being buckling Medicaid systems that are now used for reasons outside of its original intent. 

Medicaid was intended to TAKE CARE of our truly most vulnerable citizens. By definition, it would be our citizens who can’t physically care for themselves. I know the purpose as I began studying Medicaid policy with my Home HealthCare Business as well as my time sitting in the Welfare office with my Grandparents in 2016 to gain social support after they were both wheelchair bound with dementia and could no longer help themselves. Based on literacy issues along with a lack of comprehension from their disease state, I was responsible for their care as the POA and became intimately aware of the system.

When you create programs based on the lack of productivity one produces, despite their able body status, along with stifling a persons economic and overall earning potential, which is the antithesis of the American Dream. You cannot thrive as a country by depleting the taxpayer base and economic opportunities through Social systems that are solely measured on income versus capability to work and thrive. The amount of able bodies on Medicaid is staggering. As a private citizen, I arranged a meeting with the Governors administration after preparing a 16-page document and the meeting started with the Governors representatives saying “You aren’t crazy. Exactly what you detail about our social systems is exactly what is happening as a result of failed Federal policy. You aren’t crazy Melissa. It’s happening”- I knew that very day that I was going to do more than our failing politicians who use people as pawns in their game to advance their own narratives while our communities and our state suffers.

What improvements would you make? What is your platform?
•  Welfare/Entitlement Reform
•  Education Reform
•  Increasing Security and Strength of the nation through Military Funding and Defense Initiatives
•  Pro-Life Education and a complete Defunding of Planned Parenthood
•  Pro Second Amendment
•  Immigration Reform
•  Decreasing Federal Government road-blocks and delivering the power back to the states
•  Job and Labor markets emphasis through appropriate yet limited government regulatory and compliance initiatives and a restricting of TANF
•  Tax Simplification
•  Transparency of all Government Institutions
•  A Rebranding of the Republican Party to include a more diverse scope that is representative of real people who cherish conservatism
•  Creating a political process where the candidate is measured on skill and capabilities as well as their heart and intent to serve our people. Currently, candidates are hand selected, groomed and then well financed. The American people have been made to believe they have a choice but that’s not the current climate of American Politics. I see a day for my children and grandchildren, where they aren’t measured by the depth of their political connectivity and the richness of their bank accounts. I believe in a day where I’m not just good enough to raise my son to fight your wars….I’m good enough to legislate for my family as well.

Top priorities
My background as a human resource professional in the private sector as well as the job market component associated to my staffing business, opened up my eyes to the limitations placed on the employees and available workforce throughout Ohio.

Although I’m a conservative republican by title the solutions needed for our state are really of bi-partisan design and I seek to unite common goals for Ohio’s most favorable outcomes. If the goal of our TANF program was truly to propel our people into a life of self-sustainability, then why does our own Governors administration work tirelessly to have the Federal policies changed to be reflective of those goals. I’ve studied congressional level testimony provided by the head of Job and Family services in a plea to revamp the measures of those programs and to address educational and social barriers. Our fixes are readily available, we just don’t have the backbone at the Federal level to shepherd legislation through that actually provides real world solution. I suspect the Mitch McConnell’s of the world and Paul Ryan’s along with Senator Brown and others in positions of power haven’t spent a significant amount of time in the welfare offices like I have nor have they taken the time as a private citizen, like I HAVE, to learn what resolutions need to take place for true reform.

Parallel to the failed policies of the federal government and marketing gimmicks used to cram terrible policy down the throats of the American people by taking rights away from law abiding citizens, I’m equally involved with the advancement of education related to the 2nd amendment by sharing truths.

Long before running for the senate, It was vitally important for my family and I to advance initiatives associated to the second amendment. I believe the second amendment is in place to protect against government tyranny first and foremost. As a mother and woman who stands 5ft 2, I will be armed in all places legally permissible to protect my family. I have experienced issues just on the campaign trail alone that remind me why it’s my right to protect my family as well as myself.

Given the fact that I grew up in the city in a very blue collar community with surrounding areas that experienced high-crime, I’m aware more than any politician who pretends to know the communities the rest of us actually grew up in, the real time effects of calling for an officer, versus having a weapon readily available, should the need arise. I have specifically worked to advance conceal carry card ownership with local gun stores by promoting classes for women and minorities related to concealed carry permits as well as responsible gun ownership. I am an advocate for military personnel (retired or active) to protect our nations schools in the same manner that they protect our nation with armed guards and with teachers who wish to carry.

I’ve been a concealed carry cardholder since 2009. I’ve held hunting, fishing and trapping events at my home to advance these vital life skills. I also participate in conservation programs on my own property and understand the real need to preserve habitats for wildlife initiatives as well and part of population control in conjunction with hunting is vitally important. My life story is the photo-op for the men who oppose me in this race.

Although I’m not formally educated in a traditional sense through pursuing a college degree, I was effective at utilizing a home-school option my senior year of high-school after lobbying with my guidance counselor, a teacher willing to help me and my principal who held less than traditional norms with regard to education.

I knew that I had zero interest in creating debt to obtain a degree. The alternative pathway provided with approvals from my public school and through an employer gave me the opportunity to become successful in the business world. I began my career in Human Resources, working 40+ hours per week in 1996 for an industry leading logistics and supply chain company.

Through taking assignments and studying policy and people, I advanced my career quickly and was sought after by other global organizations. Working across the United States and having projects and opportunities internationally, I was highly successful in diverse environments, managing human capital, organizational effectiveness initiatives, managed company wide succession planning and also pioneered historic events to develop relationships with the Union. Having a deep background in the labor markets in a variety of industries, I am keenly aware of the deficiencies in Ohio’s job markets, coupled with the low job participation rates and the lack of skill gaps and reasons behind those issues. I was the ONLY republican candidate running for the US Senate who took the time to show up to the Ohio Education Associations endorsement process held in downtown Columbus. The likelihood of receiving their endorsement wasn’t my reason for showing up. I was there to demonstrate I cared about our schools and wanted a seat at the table. I was also there to show a room full of teachers that we all have the capacity (regardless of title) to learn from one another.

I was so new into my candidacy that I didn’t even own a proper briefcase but used my sons diaper bag. I discussed with them the need to take a real life example such as my life, and apply it to an increase in trade and vocational schools along with mentorship and skills based training to prepare our youth for the workforce. Most bothersome to me out of the experience was the fact that as a new candidate, I was the only person to show up and I went alone. I didn’t need a paid entourage and I still don’t. I’m an entourage of one. The other gentlemen talk about educational reform in every speech they give, but they didn’t even take a seat at the table to present a convincing argument as to why it makes sense to work together. I have bipartisan volunteers on my campaign in the private and public school system because this is a resolve that will take all of us.

Through increasing programs associated to life skills training, vocational learning and apprentice programs in the public school systems, we can meet the needs of dying breeds in a variety of job markets.

Luckily for me, I’m the only candidate who has actually worked on job placement programs in the real world for newly migrated refugees intending on making America their home. Early in my career, I worked for a Jewish owned organization, Value City and Schottenstein Stores Corporation. A huge component of my role was the creation and integration of the skills training programs to integrate new employees into the workplace. Those same relations with the Somali community leaders who are voters and active on my campaign are vitally important to cultivating refugee and citizenship initiative’s through job placement and self sustainability as well as counter terrorism initiatives. I AM THE ONLY republican candidate who holds relationships with those communities and have a stronghold in those communities because they all remember the work I did to integrate them successfully into the workplace. There is NO REPUBLICAN candidate who can even pretend to understand the Muslim community or who has taken part of active participation with regard to cultivating peaceful working relationships to explain the need to secure or borders, end the visa lottery programs and to end chain migration. These communities are in alignment with the Presidents plans to secure our country and hone in on skills based measures to ensure we are bringing folks to America who can contribute to society and the workplace for lives of self sufficiency.

Long before running for the US Senate, I had friendships and relationships at national levels to advance the truths of planned parenthood working with Alveda King and Civil Rights for the Unborn as well as Father Frank Pavone with Priests for Life.

Locally, I’ve been involved with pregnancy care centers to offer various levels of support. In addition, I myself, as a person who lived through reproductive help, am very involved with fertility and understand the results of embryonic transfer more than any candidate running.

I’m currently working with communities to demonstrate the facts associated to the disproportionate deaths of the unborn in African American babies with Hispanics coming in at a close second. We are finding folks who believed they were pro-choice aren’t so pro-choice after we educate them of the truths behind the painful procedures, the emotional aftermath for the father and the mother and the truth behind baby’s being harvested and sold to a multitude of researchers as though they are a commodity without a soul.

I will work aggressively to continue educating the public and have developed relationships that traditionally don’t exist within a conservative candidate to tell the truth about Planned Parenthood and government funding all under the guide of women’s health.

My official statement to another Cleveland paper was the following:

Name a specific vote you would have taken as a senator within the last year – something other than the tax bill — that epitomizes your differences with Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Nothing says “developed country” like being in the company of North Korea and just 6 other countries that allow less protections and regulations to kill unborn viable children, than we do in the slaughter of livestock. Understand the factual implications (not political marketing jargon) that Senator Sherrod Brown’s prideful celebration of his Nay vote is the continued protection and legal use of instruments of death to physically tear viable babies apart in their mother’s womb through elective abortions. Let’s just call it what it is in accurate terms. As a woman I can assure you “Instruments of death to electively kill children” isn’t Women’s Healthcare and it’s certainly not reflective of a civilized and developed country.

I have a son currently stationed overseas. As recent as this week, my husband and I received a call from a Washington telephone number. It was our son. He was calling to tell us that he would be off grid, shipped to another country in the North (we assume Iraq or Iran as he was already in Kuwait) and that we would no longer be able to communicate with him until further notice.

Let me be clear and read my words “I WILL NEVER do anything other than push for the complete strength of our military personnel and vote to protect both active duty and those who have served and need assistance at home.”

This is deeply personal to me for obvious reasons. I will aggressively defend every proposal that results in the most sound protections of our country and the best military outcomes.

With a background in manufacturing and distribution in the private sector for large international organizations, I saw the firsthand effects of poorly constructed trade deals and the implications on the American worker through Off-Shoring, Near-shoring and outright outsourcing of goods. I sat in boardrooms where executive level leadership made decisions that were in the interest of the shareholder expectations as well as a realistic profit margin to stay competitive and keep the organization afloat. Both costs in labor and the cost of trade are the exact reasons the President was put in a position to aggressively assign tariffs across the board to force an even playing field. Again… the gentlemen who oppose me have never lived the real world results that impact the American worker nor have they facilitated the aftermath on the human side of things.

Most people wish to go into business for themselves to have the latitude to somehow control their own destiny. What you quickly realize is the multitude of organizations ran by both federal and local government that place you in a position to answering to government at all stages of the game. I have felt the very real effects of the IRS and a host of regulatory and compliance initiatives that continue to stifle the entrepreneurial l spirit and limit the small business owner’s ability to thrive. I spend more time thinking in terms of “Which government institution do I owe reports and money to” more than I can focus on initiatives to diversify my organization. Being in the staffing business as well as a business that focuses closely on the oil and pipeline industry, my husband and I have found ourselves at the mercy of regulatory and compliance initiatives that HAVE incredible amounts of power to limit contracts we can bid on, limit our ability to increase the FTE size, hurt our healthcare, etc. Government has been engrained so deeply in the small business owner’s lives that I will take a concentrated effort to manage in the same way I did with organizational effectiveness in the private sector. What can we do without and how do we limit the incredible span of control from agencies that create larger government, increase employees yet still somehow make it unbearable to the small business owner who’s working to stimulate the economy.

I grew up in a blue collar neighborhood on the West Side of Columbus, Ohio. She is currently the co-owner and managing partner of Ackison Surveying LLC. Melissa and her husband Rich are the proud parents of four boys. While one son works for the family business as a surveyor, another son serves our country in the U.S. Army. Their younger sons are 8-years and 19-months-old.Prior to partnering with her husband to run their family business, she owned a successful staffing company servicing the needs of the handicapped, elderly and disabled. Although she currently resides in Union county, Melissa plays an active role in the community she was raised in. When Melissa became involved in the real estate market, she invested back into the community by restoring dilapidated properties with the help of community members. In addition to building businesses from the ground up, Melissa has served in professional roles both internationally and domestically in Human Resources. She focused on employee and labor relations, organizational design, and policy implementation. Melissa has also served as lead rep in Union matters. Her efforts in effectively serving the employees within this scope led to an unprecedented event – Union employees led decertification efforts through the National Labor Relations Board. Like many other small businesses, her business has been hurt due to detrimental and intrusive government policies. Good intentions do not equate to the creation of good policies that benefit the American people. Our current political leadership lacks the moral courage to stand up for its citizens who take part in the great American tradition of starting their own businesses. 

During the summer of 2017, Melissa and her husband Rich were invited to Washington D.C. on two different occasions to share about their experiences of being victims of ObamaCare.Through Melissa’s perseverance and unwillingness to give up, she has effectively worked through multiple levels within the government to achieve policy goals. She has spent time in Washington meeting with both President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and multiple cabinet members. While in Washington, Melissa addressed the multitude of issues plaguing the hard working Americans and small business owners. Although she may not have any formal political experience, she has a lifelong history of fighting for the American people. Limitations are not acceptable to Melissa. Her love for the United States is unwavering and the movement and people behind her are strong. Her achievements and successes are numerous despite the roadblocks that have been thrown in her way. She is unstoppable and fearless. She has been nicknamed “The People’s Senator” and the people love her.

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