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Election 2018: Mary Montgomery

Name: Mary Montgomery

City of Residence: Oakwood, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Office Sought: Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge



Election Website:

Why should you be elected?

I should be elected to the position of Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Judge because I have 20 years of experience handling felony criminal and civil matters in Common Pleas and Federal Court. My depth of experience and accumulated knowledge in both felony criminal and civil matters makes me uniquely qualified for this judicial seat. Having handled thousands of cases throughout my career, as well as numerous bench and jury trials, I have experienced a variety of judicial temperaments and philosophies and I will take the best qualities from these various judges and implement those when elected. In the end, having a firm understanding of courtroom procedures, rules of evidence and criminal/civil procedure, and the workings of criminal and civil cases makes the judicial process better for both the attorneys involved and those individuals coming before the court. In my current role as Chief of the Civil Division of the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office, I am well-versed in contracts, real estate, injunctions, employment matters, foreclosures, environmental law, and a myriad of other areas of civil law, including a deep knowledge of County government operations. This extensive knowledge base allows me to understand the underlying issues of those types of cases that come before the Common Pleas Court. Having a Judge that understands the fundamental concepts and complexities of the legal issues brought before the Court is crucial to the efficiency of the court and to the cases that come before it.

 Top Three Priorities:

1. Victim's rights. I want to make sure that victim's rights are followed and victim's needs are addressed and met, especially with respect to restitution. Criminal defendants who owe restitution should not be terminated early from probation until restitution is paid.

2. Reduction of repeat offenders. I want to ensure that defendants placed on probation are linked to the vast community resources available to provide to them all of the tools necessary to give them the absolute best chance at becoming productive citizens in our community.

3. Civil Case Management. I want a strong mediation program that can be utilized at the outset of a civil case so that the matter can be resolved as expeditiously as possible, thereby saving thousands of dollars to clients. Further, I will ensure that decisions by the Court will be issued in a timely manner so that the attorneys have ample time and opportunity to evaluate their case based on the decision issued. Last, I will make myself available to the attorneys whenever necessary to resolve discovery or other disputes that may arise.

University of Dayton School of Law, Dayton, Ohio
Juris Doctor, May 1998

Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude, June 1994
Political Science

State of Ohio
Federal District Court for the Southern District of Ohio
Federal Bankruptcy Court
6th Circuit Court of Appeals
United States Supreme Court

Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office, Dayton, Ohio
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (August 1998 to Present)
• Current Assignment
Chief-Civil Division (2014 – present): responsibilities include oversight of ten attorneys and 7 staff members. This division provides legal counsel to all departments and agencies in Montgomery County, including legal representation to all elected officials, as well as legal representation to seven Townships.

• Previous Assignments
Trial Team Supervisor (2008-2014): supervised six assistant prosecuting attorneys and the dockets of three Common Pleas Court judges. Responsibilities included training, attending weekly dockets and participating in trials from low-level felony offenses to homicides.
Intake Division Supervisor (2007-2008): supervised Intake Division which included overseeing multiple assistant prosecuting attorneys attending to Grand Jury hearing and preliminary hearings, as well as handling criminal filing decisions for the Dayton Police Department and various other agencies.
Child Abuse Bureau (2005-2007): includes prosecuting all felony physical and sexual abuse cases involving children, as well as infant homicides.
General Criminal Division: included handling all felony cases assigned to a Common Pleas Court Judge’s Docket. Successfully prosecuted cases ranging from drug possession, aggravated burglary, abduction, rape and murder, from initial plea negotiations through the jury trial process. Wrote motions and memoranda on evidentiary issues and conducted hearings on the same.
Intake Division: included presenting all felony cases to the Grand Jury and the presentation of Preliminary Hearings in all Municipal Courts in Montgomery County
Juvenile Division: included prosecution of cases involving delinquent juveniles from the misdemeanor to the felony level, including probable cause hearings on mandatory and discretionary bind overs
Child Support Division: included establishing paternity and child support through hearings or other legislative means and show cause hearings for failure to provide child support.

Associate Board Member, Dayton Art Institute (2001-2005)
Member of Holy Angels Church and Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Girl Scout Leader (2014- present)
Team Manager for Oakwood United Soccer Teams (2014 – present)
Member of Lawyers Club of Dayton
Moms Group of Oakwood

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