Name: Joshua Day

City of Residence: Xenia, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Republican

Office Sought: Xenia Community School Board

Facebook Page:

Campaign Website:

Why should you be elected?

I have become a candidate because my oldest son started Kindergarten this year and I want to get involved to ensure my kids and the kids in the community are getting the education they deserve. I have strong belief that parents should be actively involved in their kids’ educations. I am also worried about all of the things being taught in the world today. I am an Aerospace Engineer for the US Air Force. I have a better insight and knowledge of science, technology, and academics than any other candidate. I have managed million dollar projects and so I understand budget and finances that most sitting board members do not. I am also the son of a high school teacher. I understand the need to support our teachers if we want to succeed.

Top Three Priorities:

Number 1 is academics. I think we can go further to continue to improve the academics in our schools. XCS currently has $35 million in the bank and that has grown every year for the past 5 years. We can use some of that money to help fund innovative STEAM programs or offer more hands on activities for our students. We have Wright-Patterson AFB right in our backyard where some of the most leading edge technology is being developed. We can provide better for our kids. Our curriculum hasn’t been reviewed in over 10 years and our students our failing, we must do better. We need to review what is being taught in our classrooms so that it is transparent to the parents.

Number 2 is bullying. I have heard a lot lately about bullying in XCS from many parents. I know bullying is never going to completely go away and it is a tricky subject. We need to help train our principals and staff how to recognize bullying and push on them to do a better job at enforcing anti-bullying policies. We can also invite speakers out to the schools to help teach and inspire students to work together and reduce bullying.

Number 3 is we need to do a better job of including, listening to, and supporting our teachers and community. I feel a big part missing from XCS is the passion from the community and parents in support of the schools. Some teachers I have spoken with also don’t feel heard and supported. We need to meet with the community and teachers, be accessible and just be there so they know we have their backs.


I am a husband and father of three awesome kids. God and my family are two of the most important things in my life and it’s for both of those things that I have decided to run for school board. My oldest son starts Kindergarten this year and I want to make sure that he will continue to learn Christian values and history that doesn’t include shaming others for their gender or race. I believe children are the best example of how to love everyone and political and sexual beliefs have no place in the classroom.
I have a passion for school and athletics. I was raised in Arizona, where my dad works as a high school teacher. I was taught that serving others is the true way to find happiness. The importance of education and always giving your best effort in athletics were taught to me from a young age. In high school I lettered in four sports and graduated Valedictorian.

After graduating high school, I attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, earning a BS in Aerospace engineering and a minor in Electrical Engineering. While at school I met my wife, Mikka, and we married in 2013, I also continued to play sports and represent my school on the soccer team. I graduated in 2015.

After graduation I was hired by the USAF to work at Edwards AFB in California. While working full time I received my Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Auburn. Once we had enough of California I found a new position at WPAFB and we moved here. As my background suggests STEM is very important to me.

In the past I have been a scout leader and youth leader in my church congregation. I love working with children and watching their eyes light up as they learn new and exciting things. I am passionate about serving and helping our children grow. These formative years are the most important and it is my personal goal to make these years enjoyable and unforgettable for our kids.

I love Xenia and am so happy my family and I are blessed to live here. This truly is the city of hospitality. It would be my honor to have the chance to serve you and your families.