Name: Heather Lee

City of Residence: Xenia, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Non-Partisan

Office Sought: Xenia Community School Board

Why should you be elected?

I am committed to the students, families and community of Xenia. I have lived in Xenia for nearly 20 years, and I have volunteered in Xenia Community Schools for the past 9 years, and I have a son in 10th grade at Xenia High School. I have served in different capacities–volunteer tutoring in reading and math, several committees such as Building Leadership Team and District Leadership Team, PTO and Touchdown Club (football booster club), First Lego League Tournament, Summer Reading Program, and volunteer tutor for student athletes at Warner Middle School. I am competent to add value to the Board as I have my degree in education from Cedarville University and hold a current teaching license. I will ask good questions, conduct best practice research and work to keep the community informed of Board decisions. Lastly, I am compassionate. I care about the diverse backgrounds and individual stories of students, families, teachers and staff of Xenia Community Schools. I will listen and do my best to address issues and concerns and celebrate the progress while working toward the success of every Xenia student.

Top Three Priorities:

My top three priorities will be continuing to raise academic achievement, increasing support of teachers and staff, and elevating community confidence and trust in the school board. My ideas for raising academic achievement are to regularly review student learning data, ensure the teachers have relevant, research-based curriculum, provide quality training to be sure the curriculum is being taught with fidelity and to increase student retention in our XCS. Student retention issues can be addressed by increasing communication with parents, building trust by handling issues in a consistent, timely manner and work to provide quality educational opportunities and programs that will encourage students to stay in our district.

Increasing support of teachers and staff includes first to acknowledge that teachers are exhausted and discouraged due to COVID, increased emotional needs of students, learning loss, and many other reasons. We need to provide quality professional development on topics that directly impact their day-to-day teaching, conduct surveys and “town hall” meetings to assess what their needs and concerns are and to rally community stakeholders to invest in our teachers, classrooms and students.
Lastly, to raise community confidence and trust in the school board, the board needs to increase communication with the public. This could be in the form of a monthly newsletter, newspaper column, other website/internet format, or a “citizen’s academy” for educating about the school district, board responsibilities and priorities and sharing appropriate checks and balances.


I am Heather Lee and have been married to Maurice for almost 27 years. We have 3 children–two grown daughters, Marissa and Bethany, and one son, Trenton, who is in 10th grade at Xenia High School. He plays football and basketball. We have lived in Xenia for almost 20 years and have been committed to serving our neighbors and community well. I graduated from Cedarville University with my education degree and hold a current Ohio teaching license. Currently, I work part time for the School of Education at Cedarville University as a Student Teacher Supervisor and I tutor privately.