Name: Leigh Turben

City of Residence: Oakwood, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Non-Partisan

Office Sought: Oakwood City Council

Why should you be elected?

Oakwood has been my home for more than 30 years. It’s where I have built my career and raised my family. I’ve enjoyed all the benefits of living here, and I treasure our traditions and strong sense of community. I feel it’s important to not only support but to serve the community we live in. I have demonstrated my commitment to Oakwood while serving on:

• Oakwood City Council – Appointed February, 2021
• City of Oakwood, Budget Review Committee – 2017 to 2021
• Oakwood Historical Society, Board of Directors – 2013 to present
– President
– Vice President
– Assistant Treasurer
– Membership Chair
– Director of Donor Services
• Wright Memorial Public Library, Advisory Council – 2012 to present
• Dorothy Lane Market, Consumer Advisory Board – 2017 to 2019

While I have participated on several local boards, councils, and committees, I believe the best way to serve Oakwood is through a seat on City Council. It’s my time to give back to a community I love, and I want to contribute in the most meaningful way I know.

As a member of the City Council, I want to foster a vision that preserves our city’s sense of community—this means engaging with all residents who wish for Oakwood to be a desirable and welcoming place. I want people to enjoy raising their families, as I did, in an environment where people care about one another, enjoy celebrating the milestones of life together, and work toward the common goal of raising the next generation to be informed, responsible, and involved citizens.

Should you elect me to the City Council, this is my commitment.

What are you top three priorities?

1. To maintain our exceptional city and public safety services while controlling costs and minimizing taxation.

We all enjoy Oakwood’s exceptional city and public safety services today. To support such services, we continually need to stay abreast of innovations, weigh costs and benefits associated with each service, act fiscally responsible and within budget. We will ensure that all expenditures are well-vetted and always in the best interest of Oakwood. I believe that a sound financial budget is the backbone of a city’s growth and well-being.

2. To enhance and keep in good repair our city’s mature infrastructure.

Oakwood’s public infrastructure encompasses over $100 million dollars’ worth of roads, sidewalks, wells, water treatment plants, a water storage tower, underground water lines, sanitary and storm sewer pipes, and a fiber optic network. By investing in the revitalization of our infrastructure, we invest in our future; we minimize unexpected calamity and its associated inconveniences to everyday life. I believe we should use the money we receive from the American Rescue Plan Act to ensure a sustainable infrastructure for the future.

3. To preserve our community’s culture and tradition of citizen involvement in the administration of our government, schools, and library.

Citizen involvement is a hallmark of our community. In today’s polarized political environment, we need to maintain a culture where people feel their voice is heard, their beliefs are respected, and their involvement is welcomed. To form a welcoming and inclusive community, we need to educate, communicate, and engage citizens of all beliefs. We need to look for common ground and common goals. Today more than 100 Oakwood citizens serve on city commissions, councils, committees, and boards. This tradition of citizen involvement has defined our community in the past and will lead us into the future.


I am a retired banker with a BA from Pennsylvania State University. During my 33-year career in corporate banking, I served as a National Account Executive, Regional Sales Manager, and Product Group Manager. My area of expertise was Treasury Management. I consulted and advised companies of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, as well as public entities including the City of Dayton and the City of Springfield. I led focused teams in both product development and sales to implement key operational changes for our business clients that led to streamlined internal processes, cash flow acceleration, improved financial reporting, cost savings, and increased revenue. I earned my Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) certification from the Association of Financial Professionals.