Name: Jessica Lopez

City of Residence: Tipp City, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Republican

Office Sought: Miami County Municipal Court Judge

Campaign Facebook:

Campaign Website:

Why should you be elected?

As a licensed attorney since 2006 and a Miami County elected official since 2013, I have the unique skillset required to bring about the change that the Miami County Municipal Court needs. In addition to knowing the law, judges need manage operations and implement technology in a way that ensures for the efficient administration of justice. I have a proven record of working with fellow elected officials to modernize county government. Under my leadership, the Miami County Recorder’s Office implemented technology that saved taxpayer dollars, modernized operations, and improved services to the public. This modernization of the office allowed for improved transparency, greater access to information, and efficient filing of important documents. Through my efforts and the efforts of my staff, we were able to save the County an estimated $700,000.00.

I handled the types of civil and criminal case that come before the Municipal Court while I was in private practice. I know how a Court should run. I am offering the citizens of Miami County a choice in this election and an opportunity to bring about positive change that provides a clear vision for the future.

We need elected officials and judges who seek new opportunities and who put their experience to use in a way that ensures that the court is user-friendly, cases are decided in a timely fashion and the community is served and protected.
If I am elected, I will bring about the positive change needed to lead the Miami County Municipal Court into the future.

What are you top three priorities?

1. Modernize the Court: Ohio counties are modernizing their Court systems. Miami County must modernize operations as well. I want Miami County to be the example for other Courts to emulate. I also hope to implement a Veterans’ Court docket. Through the use of these specialized dockets, individuals are held accountable under the law but have the opportunity to address many of the underlying issues that can cause Veterans to become involved in the criminal justice system. These specialized dockets can be implemented using existing resources and can be done at little to no cost to the County. Similarly, I would seek to engage community resources in an effort to assist those dealing with mental health issues.

If I am elected, I will work to implement the necessary technology that will streamline electronic filing of documents, offer text/electronic notification of court dates, and digitization of Court documents. By providing better services to the community, we make our community safer.

2. Timely file decisions: The Judge is responsible for setting the tone of how the Court operates. If the Judge is not doing their job, and not timely filing decisions, everyone in the process suffers. The victims of crimes need to know that the Court will timely address their case. The Court failing to timely issue decisions creates undue stress on victims of crimes and allows the perpetrators of those crimes to go unpunished. I will make sure that cases are handled timely and in accordance with the law.
The Supreme Court of Ohio sets forth the timelines in which cases should be decided. The Miami County Municipal Court should not have cases lingering beyond these deadlines. A bench trial was held in Miami County Municipal Court on February 26, 2018 for criminal charges filed against a man who allegedly injured and ultimately killed a dog. The Court has not issued a decision in this case. There is no justification for failing to issue a decision over three years after a trial.

3. Address the drug problem in Miami County: Miami County is still faced with problems caused by the opioid epidemic, substance abuse and mental health issues. Courts must hold people accountable under the law. But, by working with community leaders, law enforcement and first responders, we can also offer community-based solutions that provide opportunities to address many of the underlying mental health, drug abuse and substance abuse issues that may lead an individual to become involved in the criminal justice system. I want the people of Miami County to know that their Municipal Court Judge is working hard to continually find new and effective ways to keep them safe.

I will bring the positive change that the Miami County Municipal Court needs.


I live in Tipp City with my husband, Jay, our two children and our dog, Ringo. I am a graduate of The Ohio State University and Capital University Law School.

I have been a licensed attorney since 2006. During my time in private practice, I handled the types of civil and criminal cases that come before the Municipal Court. I have also had the honor of serving as the Miami County Recorder since 2013.

I am a member of Tipp City Rotary, Troy Noon Optimist Club, Zion Lutheran Church, the Miami County Bar Association, the Ohio State Bar Association, the Miami County Republican Women’s Club and the JoAnn Davidson Leadership Institute. I am a Past President of the Ohio Recorder’s Association and a “Gold Quill” recipient. I am also a 2021 recipient of the Dayton Business Journal’s “Forty Under 40 Award”.