Name: Darrell Meshew

City of Residence: Kettering, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Non-Partisan

Office Sought: Kettering City Council District 1

Campaign Page:

Campaign Facebook Page:

Why should you be elected?

I want to be an advocate for all the residents of our district. and fight for change that can benefit our community. That is why I am fighting for a “Public Utility Internet”
I hope we can improve the lives of our working families, seniors, and other underrepresented groups in our community.

What are you top three priorities?

Number one on my agenda is developing a Public Utility Internet. We have the opportunity to make this happen now. Other towns in Ohio are setting up public utility internet. Yellow Springs, Ohio is currently doing this and we can pursue it as well. Kettering can do this with federal grants as they become available, and this can be a revenue-positive center for the city.
We can also offer families that qualify much lower costs for their service than the commercial providers.
Senior citizens and others on fixed incomes could also benefit from lower costs.
Our students desperately need good internet service in today’s world and students who lack it will fall behind.

Maintaining low taxes is also a key for our community. Too many families are hurting now and municipal taxes tend to be regressive, hurting lower income families when they are raised.
I want to maintain our current tax rate and seek grants for our larger projects.

I want to explore programs to help senior citizens on fixed incomes maintain their properties. We can also partner with nonprofits to help them.


Campaign Objective:
To represent the whole community in Kettering’s District One.
I hope to be a voice for all of the people of the district including those that have been underrepresented, the working families, seniors, minorities, and many others.
Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio
Graduated: June 1977
Degree: B. S. Education
Minor: Economics
Married 31 years to Sheila Meshew with three children and nine grandchildren.

Background/Experience / Accomplishments
I grew up in a working family in Dayton Ohio and attended Dayton Public Schools.
During these years I learned the importance of hard work and education. My father was a union skilled tradesman who believed, in attending church twice a week. We learned that fairness, justice, honesty, and caring for our neighbors, were the values that mattered the most. These values were reinforced further during my years at Wright State.

I have been an Educator: Taught Geography, Psychology, and American Government at Northmont City Schools and Valley View local Schools, coached football and I am still teaching since retirement in Centerville & Kettering City Schools,

After my teaching career I worked as an Energy Management Consultant with Johnson Controls and Automated Solutions Group developing energy conservation projects for Ohio K-12 schools and managing those large projects.

I also created a small business to save clients thousands of dollars in energy conservation measures
developing a plan to help homes and small businesses save energy and become more sustainable.
I am active in church activities, volunteering to provide food to our underserved neighbors. I also have a great interest in preserving our natural resources as a dedicated fisherman, and kayaker.