Name: Jacqueline (Jacque) Fisher

City of Residence: Kettering, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Non-Partisan

Office Sought: Kettering City Council at Large

Why should you be elected?

I not only bring experience to the position, but I continually demonstrate collaboration as a city official. I, along with my current members, have proven our leadership through this most unprecedented time in history with the pandemic. We have ensured our city maintains our pristine level of safety, services and amenities. Each workshop I applied good risk management to adjust to many unknowns. I am accessible to residents and work to fix any challenges highlighted. With both Ward 1 and 4 vacant, I have stretched to go deeper in both of those wards to ensure no voice went unheard. I will continue to make a difference if re-elected.

What are you top three priorities?

Top 3 priorities are: reducing tax base while maintaining excellent service/amenities, aiding our working poor/senior neighborhoods, and leadership stability.

While we have superior services and amenities, we can always give more sweat equity to our neighborhoods, businesses and infrastructure. With our companies working from home, we need to adjust to the reduction of income taxes. I will continue to roll up my sleeves and come up with solutions, like retaining /attracting businesses. Leveraging our American Rescue Plan Act funds as a city, we are continuing to use risk management to ensure our residents continue to live safely and continue to be the best city to work, live and play.

As I have continued to champion, the most at-need in our community are the working poor. Dollars from our federal government have assisted, but not everyone has been able to get through the pandemic unscarred. Creating nimble processes and collaborating with non-profits, schools, and businesses to help the working poor and our seniors is key to improving our neighborhoods. Continuing to add services, like shoveling snow or trimming trees, can be just the help needed to keep property values at their highest.

With term limits our city will have a 100% turnover in council leadership over the next 2 years. Additionally, we are a city manager model which means our continuity of manager is also critical to the overall city leadership. I am working on documenting historical decisions so new members can have that readily available for decision making. As the “freshman” member this past term, many decisions required balancing the problem of the day in context with historical strategies and plans. Thus, a careful hand-off is key as we navigate into this brand new risk in our leadership structure, created by term limits. Unlike any successful company, term limits has reduced the ability to have good succession planning and prevents staggering the experience drain.


Experienced incumbent, manage Neighbor-to-Neighbor food pantry in Kettering, Founder and current Co-Executive Director of Kettering Backpack Program (feeding over 9000+ kids since the inception), Council Liaison for Board of Community Relations & Volunteer Advisory Council, member of Greenmont-Oakpark Church and just retired as Senior Leader from Wright-Patterson AFB with BA Management Information Systems from Wright State University and MBA from University of Dayton. Married to husband Dave of 36 years, who recently retired from KFHS as government teacher and still coaching. Daughter Jamie graduated with honors from KFHS.