Name: Jeff Gore

City of Residence: Huber Heights, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Republican

Office Sought: Huber Heights Mayor



Why should you be elected?

I am asking the voters to re-elect me so I can continue moving Huber Heights down the path of progress. I made a promise four years ago to Huber Heights residents that I would focus on changing the way people and businesses viewed our community so they would be excited to become part of our city and want to grow with us. My results of record business growth, and an 18% increase in property values since taking office show that I have kept that promise. I also promised to reinvest in our city because I believe if we as a community do not think we’re worth investing in, how can we expect others to invest in us. We’ve been able to do that and remain fiscally responsible while growing our general fund over $5M since I’ve been mayor. The countless millions of dollars of commercial and residential investment in Huber Heights over the last 3 years shows I have kept that promise. I should be re-elected so I can continue working on what I started.

Top Three Priorities:

1) I am very focused on providing a solution to the traffic congestion on the Old troy Pike corridor between Taylorsville Rd and I-70. There are plans for future growth in that area and that can only happen safely if we solve the traffic issues. Being able to move around town quickly is a quality of life issue and our residents have let it be known they are unhappy and we will find a solution that makes sense for everyone.

2) Continued investment in city infrastructure. We spend approximately $1.5M annually on interior street and curb repair and I would like to look at increasing that funding over the next few years so we can accomplish more repair and curb replacement sooner than later. We can combine current funds along with incoming funding from the federal government to increase our attention on the more aging areas of our infrastructure. We’ve also extended the Montgomery County TIF for an additional 30 years which will add another $45M of revenue to the city; so under my leadership we have secured funding for our entire interior streets program for an additional 30 years.

3) The revitalization of Brandt Pike and the southern portion of the city. We have acquired the necessary properties to begin the revitalization of the Brandt Pike corridor and after 7 years of the Montgomery County Library collecting taxes from our residents via the levy, they have now committed to purchasing 4 acres of Brandt Pike frontage for $1M to build the new Huber Heights Branch Library. The library will serve as an anchor for the investment other public and private developers will make in our revitalization efforts. We will continue to build upon the successful model we’ve employed so far and continue revitalizing the southern areas. Under my leadership we will continue to run Huber Heights like a business with a balance sheet.


I was raised in Huber Heights and graduated from Wayne High School in 1990. My wife Toni and I work at Wayne High School where she is a guidance counselor and I teach History and Government. Prior to following my passion to teach and work with kids; I worked for several years in private industry in the financial services field. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration and a master’s degree in education. We have 3 sons, Dustin, Vince, and Dylan and 2 grandchildren Ellie and Emmett.