Name: Ed Lyons

City of Residence: Huber Heights, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Non-Partisan

Office Sought: Huber Heights Mayor




Why should you be elected?

I want Huber Heights to have the mayor it deserves. A non-partisan who wants to get the job done for our community. I believe I am that person because I believe in great fire and police departments. Economic development for our future. Exceptional leadership through open, honest, and transparent government with a focus on PEOPLE not politics.

Top Three Priorities:

My first priority as mayor would be to make sure we focus our attention on the COVID-19 pandemic. That means taking the necessary steps to ensure our residents have access to vaccines, personal protective equipment, and have the most up to date information from the local, state and federal health care experts.

My second priority would be to design a plan for recovery from the pandemic. Huber Heights will receive funding from the American Rescue Plan that will help our community recover economically from the devastating effects of the pandemic. This means utilizing that money to help with infrastructure projects that will get more people back to work. Projects that are already underway and will be greatly enhanced are the revitalization of the Marion Shopping Center and additional expansion and resurfacing of roads to relieve traffic congestion.

My third priority will be to add an additional three firefighters to our fire department. Since fire station #25 was built, we have added only three firefighters when it takes nine to staff. It is time to add another three additional firefighters which will help improve the response time of our medics and fire engines not only north of I-70 but in all of Huber Heights as well.


I am married with three teenagers and have lived in Huber over twenty years. I attend St. Peter Catholic Church while being an avid supporter of our community. I am a veteran with professional degrees from Wright State and the University of Dayton currently serving my tenth year on council.