Name: Kate Baker

City of Residence: Huber Heights, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Republican

Office Sought: Huber Heights City Council Ward 3


Why should you be elected?

I feel I should be elected to the Huber Heights City Council Ward 3 seat to continue to serve the residents as I have for the last year. I will work closely and collaboratively with the city’s staff, Mayor, and Council to continue the economic growth that the city has gained in the last several years. I will champion for the residents and make sure their needs and wants are not overlooked in this growth. That is why I feel it is important to support the continued improvements in our infrastructure and traffic management during this growth. That is why I need your vote on May 4th. Please vote for me.

Top Three Priorities:

My top three priorities are infrastructure, growth, and revitalization.

The City of Huber Heights is rebuilding our infrastructure and traffic management. While on council, I have voted to replace our older sewer lines and updating our water treatment plant. We are currently working on solutions to make things more affordable and operate smoother for our citizens. As Huber Heights grows and more homes are built and more business relocate to Huber, our traffic plan will also need to grow with a thoughtful design that moves traffic effectively and will be viable in the future as the city grows.

Huber Heights has done a wonderful job of balancing growth and economic development with the needs to preserve the quality of life for its residents. By attracting new businesses to relocate to Huber Heights they bring with them new jobs and revenue dollars to the city.

With the revenue coming from both new and existing businesses, the City of Huber Heights can reinvest that money for the citizens by providing better amenities and services for them. I have encouraged growth and revitalization across all of Huber Heights. I voted for the revitalization plan of the Marion Meadows Shop Center. I also supported the Veterans Committee in planning the new Veterans Memorial that will be built in Cloud Park.


I have been a life-long community member of Huber Heights. I am proud to say that I graduated from Wayne High School. I went on to Sinclair Community College and earned an Associate Degree in Financial Management. I continued my education at Wright State University, earning a Bachelors of Science in Economics and Organizational Management. I work full time in commercial lending for a regional community bank. I am a single mother. My daughter is currently attending the University of Cincinnati. Last year, I had the opportunity to fill the vacancy of the Ward 3 Council position. While I have always followed politics, I was happy to take a more active role in serving my city and community. Since joining Council, I have worked with multiple boards and committees to make Huber Height a better city for our residents. My service to Huber Heights as the Ward 3 Councilwoman has been an honor and a privilage.