Name: Joseph Hendrix

City of Residence: Huber Heights, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Libertarian

Office Sought: Huber Height City Council Ward 3



Why should you be elected?

If elected, I will be better able to continue to bring transparency to City Hall. I will have a larger voice to ask questions at council meetings and to ask the questions people have brought to me.

Top Three Priorities:

I have two focus areas: make the Huber Heights city government more transparent, and listen to the people.

To make the government more transparent, I am currently looking to see what the biggest and most asked questions people have. For instance, a common public records request is for emails. I think, then, that emails should be available for anyone to search through – perhaps through a public mailing list (which is often used in open source software projects).

As far as listening, I don’t believe someone should have to make it to a Council Meeting to have their voice heard. If they can make it to a Council Meeting, that’s great, but some people work evenings. Or they have to take care of family. Just because someone can’t make it to a Council Meeting doesn’t mean they should be ignored.


Raised just south of Xenia, Ohio, Joe Hendrix lives with his wife of three years, their three-year-old son, their one-year-old daughter, and their two dogs Princess and Niko.

Both Joe and his wife have been working at home during the pandemic and can be seen walking their dogs during lunch.