Name: Terry Johnson

City of Residence: Germantown, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Republican

Office Sought: Germantown Mayor

Campaign Facebook:

Why should you be elected?

I feel that my experience as a council member will help to serve as the Mayor of the City. I feel that my time as a public servant as a council member, as a medic of the Air Force serving six months in Operations Desert Shield and Storm, and as a high school educator shows my willingness and dedication to serve the public. As the president of council I have experience of running council meetings. I understand what it means to be a member of the council and what is expected of an elected official in terms of the ethics involved during and after official meetings, especially with confidential information discussed. I will ensure that the Municipality prepares budgets in an appropriate manner by spending the tax dollars of our citizens wisely limiting rate increases whenever possible and in a fair manner if it has to be done. I am also running to make sure that all citizens are continually treated fairly and equal. I’m will to listen and take any citizen issue to the manager and council to resolve the issue. I will give an answer or response within the duties and responsibilities of a council member and if I can’t I will find a source for the citizen. Most responses are usually driven by ordinances or the City’s budget.

What are you top three priorities?

The priorities for Germantown are to keep improving the infrastructure, to which some is the original equipment/material installed in the 1920s. This includes the water/sewer lines, streets, sidewalks, the covered bridge, and the soon to be abandoned Valley View School buildings. Germantown can allow residential growth at a controlled rate to keep the small town feel for the city while allowing new homes for those who would like to call Germantown home to be built. The city has enough opportunity for additional homes and business growth that will allow the city to keep the Miami Military Institute as green space. The City should work with the school district to help find a viable option (tenant/business) for the Primary and Intermediate school buildings or make sure that the buildings are actually used in a sustained way and not become deteriorated and dilapidated in a manner that the citizens of Germantown would be responsible in the future for the cost to remove the buildings. The demolition cost is in the bond issue budget and in good faith the school should not let the Germantown community down by forcing the citizens to deal with the abandoned buildings if they cannot be used.

Commercial growth needs to increase to find new businesses to come to the city to provide more choices for the citizens. This past summer I started the process by working with the city manager and Pat Higgins in an attempt to market and promote Germantown to potential business/commercial possibilities. With the help of Dan Bish, the specialist, community and economic development representative from Montgomery County and using the Buxton process/program that will help promote Germantown to businesses and restaurant owners in an attempt to have them open in Germantown. I have looked into the possibility of one restaurant chain and the study actually found that the city was not a good marketing fit for the brand name in question but may be a better fit for a different brand name. I have planned to meet with a prominent business professional and a CEO of a downtown located business to discuss what changes the City could make that may entice businesses to open or relocate to Germantown exploring the possibilities at the Route 4 corridor, downtown area, or western side of town. The covered bridge needs extensive work done to it and a manner that will also preserve the bridge as a historic landmark. The council and administrative staff are looking into grant opportunities to fund this project due to the cost involved. Other possible funding opportunities to look into are private and civil organization and groups that would like to sponsor or contribute to the renovation project. The bridge will not be moved and will remain in its current location.

As a Veteran, I am pleased that the council has agreed to keep the Miami Military Institute as green space and possible park expansion property in the future. I plan to be part of a committee that would plan the future of the MMI property. I envision a memorial to the military heritage and role the institute had to Germantown and beyond. The City has bricks from the original building that could be incorporated into a memorial site where the flag pole now stands (one suggestion). The flag pole itself needs to be renovated. Where it currently is, in a “pocket” area at the top of the drive and to the left and hidden by trees. Clearing the area some would then have the memorial overlooking the parade grounds which is Veteran’s Park. I could also see the possibility of somehow looping the current bike path into the MMI property and making a large circle around the City. I would entertain the possibility of clearing a portion of the bottom of the hill and closing off Warren Street to only local traffic after/during snow fall weather to allow the use of area as a sledding hill like I did as a kid. The city has enough opportunity for additional homes and business growth that will allow the city to keep the Miami Military Institute as green space.


Germantown resident since 1979
Wife – Heather
Children – TJ, Austin, Lexie
United States Air Force Veteran – Medic – deployed for six months during Operations Desert Shield
and Storm
Current council member and President of Council
Current/Past Liaison Board/Committee Positions – Audit, Personnel, Pool, Pool Oversight, Parks,
Parks Oversight (Chairperson), MVRPC/MVRT
1983 Valley View Graduate
High School Science Teacher – College Prep and Honors Anatomy Teacher 24 years, Miamisburg
HS 22 years, Madison HS – 1 year, Norwood HS – 1 year
Associate of Science Degree in computer programming – Rets Technical College
Associate of Science Degree in Pre-Professional Studies – Kettering College
Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences and Superintendent Licensure – Miami
Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership and Principal Licensure – University of Dayton