Name: Adrienne Draper

City of Residence: Englewood, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Non-Partisan

Office Sought: Englewood City Council

Campaign Website:

Why should you be elected?

I should be reelected to council because since I got on in 2019, residents needs and transparency have been my top priorities. Before I got on council, if you missed a meeting and wanted to listen to audio you had to go to the city building, get a flashdrive of the audio, and listen to it from your home. Now, you can listen to is online like every other city in the county. I also have a marketing and business background. I know what businesses need, and want when choosing to come to a city. If we want to attract businesses, we need to be adapting on our end to adjust to their needs.

What are you top three priorities?

1. Commercial vacancies. We need to look at our outdated business development plans and sign ordinances some from 1998. Businesses are changing, we should be too.

2. Supporting police, fire, and service departments. After last year, it is clear these departments and employees do a lot for our residents. I will continue to support them, and work to make sure they have the equipment, and training needed to serve our residents.

3. Transparency and outreach. I consider it my job to inform residents about what their council is up to. I have posted updates of council meetings, got the council audio online, and helped bring back the newsletter. Residents also contact me about issues from trash pick-up to new local businesses in the area. This outreach will not stop.


I have lived in Englewood my entire life. I went to Northmont High school where I was a part of the DECA program and fell in love with marketing. I then attended Sinclair and Wright state and earned a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing Degree. I am currently working on starting my MBA.

I currently work for Montgomery County Treasurer John McManus in communications and marketing, however I have private sector experience in business as well. I currently serve on council where I am the representative the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission getting to know leaders all around the county.

Besides my service on council, and marketing career I am the Vice President of The Northmont Kiwanis club, serve as a member of the T-Bolt tribe, volunteer with Northmont DECA frequently, and volunteer with at Wright Patterson Air force Base USO.