Name: Rennes Bowers

City of Residence: Dayton, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Other

Office Sought: Mayor




Why should you be elected?

I am the only Mayoral candidate on the ballot that has not held a leadership position at City Hall. Our community needs a new vision and I have developed a Bold Solutions plan to get the process started. 1.) Focused Attention on Police & Fire 2.) Clean up yards, streets and alleys. 3.) Aggressively target abandoned homes. 4.) Stimulate small business growth. 5.) Extreme transparency within City Hall.

Top Three Priorities:

1. Focused Attention on Police & Fire – Safety and Security are the backbone of a strong city. Our police and fire departments must have the resources they need.

2. Aggressively Target Abandoned Homes – Enforcing regulations and penalties for those that violate them. We must also streamline demolition for problem properties while collaborating with builders and those interested in rehabbing others.

3. Extreme Transparency at City Hall – I will provide radical personal transparency and challenge the commissioners to follow suit.


• 30-year veteran of the Dayton Fire Department retired in 2019
• Former chaplain for the Dayton Dragons for 19 years
• Founded and co-leads a co-op that cares for 5,000+ Indian orphans
• Husband of 36 years to Julie, father of 6, grandfather of 9