Name: JoAnne Rau

City of Residence: Centerville, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Non-Partisan

Office Sought: Centerville City Council

Facebook Page:

Why should you be elected?

Centerville has been blessed with tremendous success since its beginnings as a village. That isn’t accidental – it is due to the vision and decisions made by our predecessors – both our leaders and our citizens.
During the near 8 years I have been on council, there have been significant changes that will ensure that our city of close to 25,000 residents prospers for years to come. These changes are those that you see – such as the Cornerstone development and those you don’t see – such as the development of a 5-yr. Strategic Plan and a complete overhaul of our antiquated IT systems.
High profile projects such as Centerville Place and the Uptown Plan have generated enormous interest in our city and the larger community – from new residents, private businesses, and investors.
I would like to be re-elected so that I can continue to shepherd these and new projects, ensure that the Strategic Plan is kept current, and build on the momentum of our Uptown Plan. I have the experience as a professional and from my years of serving the city to ensure these projects are well planned, fiscally responsible, and take into account input from our residents and businesses throughout the development process.

What are you top three priorities?

1) Ensure that Centerville’s first 5-year Strategic Plan, which has driven much of the positive change in Centerville, is updated and new goals are established as existing goals are accomplished.
2) Build on the momentum of the Uptown Plan by budgeting, planning and completing city infrastructure improvements as well as continuing to engage residents, businesses, and consultants to ensure the success of the Plan.
3) Keep Centerville neighborhoods and business areas attractive, vibrant and desirable.


I have been on Centerville City Council since 2014 and am running for re-election in November along with my colleagues, Bill Serr and John Palcher. I also served the city as a member of the Planning Commission and the Board of Architectural Review prior to being elected to City Council.I am from Akron, Ohio and moved to

Dayton to work at the DOE Mound in Miamisburg, where I met my husband of 39 years. In 1986, we moved our young family to Centerville.

I have a Bachelors’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University and a Masters’s in Environmental Science from the University of Cincinnati. I retired from The Dayton Power and Light Company in 2018, where my primary role was to support AES’s U.S. operations as an environmental manager.

We have three children who graduated from Centerville’s wonderful schools. Unfortunately, their professions and families took them away from Centerville. We also have three young grandchildren.

In my years on Centerville City Council, I have held several leadership positions. Currently, I am the Deputy Mayor and I chair the Centerville Community Improvement Corporation – one of the city’s economic development organizations. I also chaired the Miami Valley Communications Council for three years.

I love Centerville and participating in local government! Centerville is a Charter City and council members are to be elected on a non-partisan basis, per our Charter. This allows us to make decisions based on the needs of everyone who lives and works in the city. It is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family!