Name: Christopher Cross

City of Residence: Cedarville, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Republican

Office Sought: Cedar Cliff Local School Board

Why should you be elected?

I seek to serve our local community as I represent them on the local school board. My experience and dedication to making the Cedar-Cliff Local Schools an excellent provider of an education that is reflective of the community’s culture and values comes at a time that is needed more than ever. I have served on the school board since January 2010. That experience is needed with the challenges that we face in school funding, educational curriculum, and maintaining the community’s values. I am an approachable leader who looks to gain wisdom from our community, and we make decisions at the board level. I love this community and a strong school system helps to attract wonderful families to our area. We have built that strong school district. Many families are choosing Cedarville as their community of residence and part of that reason is our wonderful teachers and staff at Cedar-Cliff Local Schools. I pray that I continue to have the ability to serve the great students, staff and residents of this district I call home.

Top Three Priorities:

School funding is at the top of the issues facing all Ohio schools. The backpack bill and decreasing State funding pose issues to our district. We need leadership at the school board level who understands these issues and have demonstrated the ability to work with our Superintendent and Treasurer to maintain a balanced budget. Curriculum and textbook implementation is another area that the school board needs to be aware of. Our district’s values must be maintained and any text must be reflective of those values. Thirdly, maintaining a quality education marked by excellence as indicated by successful entry into the workplace or college entry.


I have been a contributing member of the Cedarville community since 2003. I am currently the Interim Athletic Director at Cedarville University. I have served this community in youth sports for a number of years and have been invested in this community. I have served this community on the school board since 2010 and look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve. I have 3 children who all have attended Cedar-Cliff Local schools. Thank you to this community! It is a wonderful place to work and serve. Go Indians!