Name: Heidi Anderson

City of Residence: Bellbrook, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Republican

Office Sought: Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Board of Education

Why should you be elected?

I have lived in this community for 32 years. I am a mom to kids in the district, a graduate of the district, and a teacher with 19 years of experience. Over the last several decades there has been an attitude of complacency on the board. The board has always just taken the easy way out of many situations even though they are not what is best for students. Times have changed and we need to stand ready to proactively fight for our families. We must have a board that is ready to protect the students we have been elected to represent. We must stand strong to preserve the small town values that we hold against those that would seek to make us more “progressive”.

Top Three Priorities:

There are three main issues that the district needs to address
1. We need to improve transparency and communication with the community. We need to give the community access to all financial records and any record not protected by law. We need to communicate regularly and frequently with the community through open work sessions and an open door policy making sure we are listening and responding publicly and appropriately.
2. We need to overhaul the special education department. We have done some minor surface fixes, but we need deep change that is consistent for every family. Families should not have to beg for services for their children. The IEP process in this district is not acceptable. We need to have teacher and aide input as well as honor parent requests for services.
3. We need to secure stable funding for the school that does not rely on property taxes. With the recent levy that has passed we need to make sure we live within our means, but also proactively plan for the future through savings, constant review of contracts, seek out partnerships with other districts and corporations, and join with other districts to ensure that our state tax dollars are fairly redistributed among districts.


I have been a resident of the district since 1989. I am the daughter of a Marine and a teacher. I am a 1994 Bellbrook High School Graduate. I have a BS in Secondary English Education from Wright State University. I have 19 years of teaching experience and am currently a stay at home mom to our six children. We currently have two kids enrolled in the district.